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Friday, November 15, 2013

“Hardys: It Gets Better with Time

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Change is constant. We do not know what will happen tomorrow. There are drawbacks, uplifting situations that give us glimpse of how wonderful and amazing the world is. There is no such thing as coincidence. Everything happens for a reason as they always say. We may not see the purpose of it today but tomorrow may be another story.

When I was young, I was trained by my father to stand in my two feet, I should know what I want and push myself hard to make sure I can attain it. My father taught me that experience is the best teacher more so, if I want to achieve my goal in life, I should experience hardships in order for me to fully taste success. He does not give me anything I want easily, I should work for it, not asks for it as he always says. As a young girl, I do not understand it. I always fret, if I want extra money, I need to earn a 100% mark in my quizzes in order for him to buy it, and then I will have extra money. If I want a thing, I should watch over our little store in order for him to give me what he called “pay” then I will be able to buy what I want. I hate his ways. I always think that it is cruel and manipulative. Why can’t I get it easily just like what other parents do with their children? But he will keep on answering me “I will understand it when I get old”. I even mimic him when he says it. But…things really change when I get old and saw the picture and idea he wants me to see.

Because of that training I’ve got from my father, I have learned a lot. When I want something, I look for ways to get it. I become more independent minded. I don’t rely on fate or other people to get it. I become a goal oriented person. I know how to set goals and achieve it eventually. The training I’ve got watching over our little store made me realize that success comes to those who wait. Patience is a virtue. There is always time for everything and most especially, success is like a business. I have to work hard for it every day. I should not let it slip; one wrong move then I will come back to zero. I’ve also learned the ways of putting up a business and making it profitable. I’ve learned the taste and preferences of individual buyers. And I was able to apply it in the little business sideline that I have. I applied in my business as well how to treat a customer well in order for them to patronize our product. They were the little things I hate back when I was a child but the virtues they impressed on me are the most important. My father is right about it.
My papa is my idol. He has made me strong, independent and driven woman. I never thought that the training I’ve got from him will make me a success. I don’t know what I would become if he did not train me to be tough. Tough love has given me an advantage in this modern world. 

My father’s legacy in my life is timeless and it just keeps on making my life better. Just like Hardys – after 160 years, it just keeps getting better.

Let me Introduce to you Hardy’s-“It gets Better with Time”.

Hardy’s is the most Powerful Australian wine brand characterised by quality and consistency that cater to diverse palates and spending power. They have been around for 160 years and garnered more than 3000 awards in the last decade for their exemplary wine techniques, and being Pioneers of quality, consistent wines. It is proven with five (5) generations of winemakers up to present-day: from founder Thomas Hardy to the current Bill Hardy.

Trivia about Hardy’s

They Made History

In 1882, Thomas Hardy made history by producing the first Australian wine to be awarded the prestigious Gold medal at the International Wine Show in Bordeaux and the much celebrated Eileen Hardy range continues to lead the way. Total awards won 6,953. What can you ask more?

Words from Bill Hardy, Fifth Generation Family Member

Our pioneering founder and my great, great Grandfather, Thomas Hardy, had a vision to
create wines that will be prized in the markets of the world
He made this vision a reality with the bottling of his first vintage in 1857. Ever since then, five generations of the Hardy family have been devoted to keeping his passion and his pioneering spirit alive.

Over 160 years later this heritage is what still drives us to push not only ourselves, but also the boundaries of winemaking and to create wines for you to enjoy today.

He said it best. No words can fathom their dedication to the art of Winery.

To know more about Hardy’s Wine, you can visit their Facebook page.

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Let us have a better Christmas; it would never be the same if it will not be celebrated with Hardy’s. A perfect drink for a perfect celebration. Let us travel through the best times of our life with Hardy’s.


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