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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Review: Bathe with Lux

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How has your day been? I hope it’s doing really fine! After a long time, I’m going to review a product! Blame it in my procrastination; I was not able to write a blog post. Thankfully, my hibernation has ended. Back to my passion again! So timely for December indeed, have you started shopping? If you ask me, nope, I didn’t. 

Last October, I received a loot bag from Lux. When I received the bag, I was excited to open it because of the over powering fragrance that comes from it. It is soothing to the nose and calming to the senses.  They have a note that encourages users to post their experiences online.

This is how this idea of making a blog post started.

Let me share to you my experience with using Lux.

Whats on the Loot?

Other Variants Available are Soft Touch, White Impress and Love Forever

My impressions: 

  •   I love the very relaxing fragrance. It gives me a calming effect.

  •   I love the packaging it has a mysterious vibe. The packaging is catchy. It did not conform, most soap packaging in the market uses light colors.

  • They stand in being unique. Even there soap is molded intricately.

My Experience Using the Product:

When I first tried Lux Body wash, I really loved the smell in my skin. It lasts; my officemate noticed the differently good smell. They even asked what soap I used. The one I got was magical spell (as shown above). My problem was, it did not compliment my skin type. It made my skin slightly dry. I still continued using it, and my skin adopted. But sometimes, the dryness got back. I just put lotion with moisturizer to back me up.

Prices in the Market:

The 110g bar are priced at 39 pesos while the Lux body wash 200ml is priced at 120-125 pesos depending on the variants

Where can you purchase?

Available at leading drug stores, grocery stores and at Lazada.

Will I recommend it?

Yes, I will recommend it but not for people with dry skin.

Will I repurchase?

Yes I will, I want to try the other variants.
Thank you for taking time to read my post. 2015 has been good to me and I would like to share the wonderful moments I have experienced. And for the year 2016, I will be more active in blogging starting 2016 with a blog post! Hope to see you again in 2016 friends!

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ready, Seat Sale!

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Credits to the Owner of the Photo

Today’s post is about travel! I always love writing about this topic and end up procrastinating. Finally, I made one! Here’s the question, have you ever dreamed of travelling abroad? I think I know the answer. And probably, what you want to say next. I don’t have budget. Yes, every one of us says it. Budget is a big deal. Plane ticket can empty your wallet! 

Worry no more, airlines nowadays have seat sale to accommodate budget travellers, including me. I have booked two seat sales this year and I did not regret. You too can do it, just have the guts and internet connection to get the deal you wanted. You don’t want to end up envious with your pal showing their best photos on the last weekend getaway. You too can have it, book early, be watchful, seat sale is on the way.

Here is what you need to know during seat sale. (This is based on My Own Experience)

First: Airlines 

Credits to the Owner of the Photo
Credits to the Owner of the Photo 
Credits to the Owner of the Photo

The first step is to know what airlines company you want to be your air carrier. If you have decided already, it would be easier for you to start your ticket searching. Sign up for the airline website and you will receive exclusive notification for seat sales. I have signed up for Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. I was able to tract the sales by that. Because of my registration, I knew that the plane bound for Singapore has seat sales. And I never regret that they flooded my email notifications.

Second: Remove Excess

When you book your ticket online, you have the luxuries to remove and add. You can add pre order meals to your incoming flight, assigned seat and excess baggage. You can also remove insurance to lessen your total expenses. It is up to your choice. When I travel, I make sure to add excess baggage for my return ticket due to the “pasalubong” I will bring. Its better sure than pay over the counter. I have tried paying over the counter and encountered long line.

Third: Cash or Credit?

I have tried online booking with Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines. I did not experience hassle except with internet (I will discuss that next chapter). But take note that upon pay out in your booking, the two companies have difference. Cebu Pacific lets you pay with bank or Cebuana Lhuillier the next day, after you pay, you will receive an official receipt together with your itinerary on the email you provided when you booked. But with Philippine Airlines, correct me if I’m wrong you can pay only via credit card or debit card. When I booked and proceed to payout I was asked directly if I will pay via credit or debit which made me assume you cannot booked without having the two cards.

Fourth: Solid Internet Connection

Hah, this one is really important in availing a seat sale. A lot of travellers are just waiting around the corner for seat sale to happen, so you need to be ready when that time comes. I totally can relate to this, having a solid internet connection is really essential in booking. When I booked my flight to Singapore last September, I was really annoyed every time the “connection was reset” would pop-up the screen. Who wouldn’t? You’re very excited on the next step and suddenly it would ruin your hopes? So make sure to have steady internet connection, it would lessen your booking time and give you more chances in getting that next trip you really wanted. Remember, many are on the loop to deprive you of that seat.

There you go! I’m at the end of this long overdue post. I hope this would be the beginning of being active again after months of snoring on my bed. I will be launching a giveaway anytime this month! Hope you will join! I hope that this post have given you idea on what would you do during seat sales. Feel free to comment if you have additional points to add. Advance Merry Christmas! And thank you very much for reading my blog! Until my next post!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Take: My Impression on FEU’s First Game

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Hope all of you are doing fine! This is my first blog post for the month of September. But before anything else, I would like to greet you Advance Merry Christmas! And my birthday is coming, so I have an incoming giveaway to treat my followers and readers, hope all of you would be able to join, it’s coming this October!

Back to my blog post, it’s been a while since I wrote about sports story and I am so hyper that my favourite team, the FEU Tamaraws won in huge margin against the ADMU Blue Eagles. I want to share to all of you basketball and UAAP fans my first impression on their win. Yeah, I watch it from beginning to end and I must say I am a great home based cheerer.

Here are my Impressions from FEU’s last win

They Have Couple of Players that Step Up. (Tolomia, Pogoy, Belo, Jose and Escoto)
In the first minutes of first quarter, the game was head to head, both teams are exchanging baskets. But Tamaraws pulled away after Mike Tolomia baskets. Then they did not look back. They have couple of players that scored in double figures. Though I don’t know the exact numbers, the Tamaraws have more than assist against the Eagles that lead to uncontested shots.They have a total of 17 assists. They move the ball well and look for the open man. This resulted to four players with double figures. Pogoy led the way with career high 19 points followed by Tolomia with 17 and Belo and Jose with 16 points. Tolomia made a couple of highlight plays and Belo had a dunk to open the third quarter. Escoto stepped up in defense with couple of rejections in the basket. FEU Tamaraws play as team and they win with large margin, 88-64.

They Dominate the Boards

As a lot of sportscaster says, the team that dominates the board wins the game.   FEU Tamaraws limit the Blue Eagles with one touch to the basket. They dominate the rebound. Escoto, Pogoy, Jose and Belo battled for loose balls which lead to fast break and uncontested shoots. The young big men of ADMU were not able to keep up with the veterans of FEU. FEU was good in boxing out.

FEU have Deep Bench

I have read in Rappler’s preview that FEU focused in deepening their bench this season. They have seven (7) rookies in their line up. I saw one of their rookies, the Nigerian recruit Orizu played at center position take action. I had noticed that Coach Nash used a lot of players in his rotation. As a result, his players are all fresh when playing. One example I notice is Tolomia is playing in first quarter, then he would rest in the second quarter and Pogoy will come to play.

I believe, FEU Tamaraws are the team to beat this season given their hunger for the crown. With their depth and experience as their battle tested formula. As coach Nash Racela would emphasize, they don’t want to be arrogant in assuming they are a contender but they will act as a Tamaraw, once provoked, they will keep on fighting.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Her Feminine Style: Alexa Chung

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I just want to note that all photos are taken from different websites and I compiled it. It’s been a while since I featured a style icon. I am really happy that I come up to this idea.  I am a big fan of my featured style icon and all women out there totally want to be like her. She is Alexa Chung. Sounds familiar? Of course we know her. Who wouldn't recognize the style superstar?

Alexa Chung is a model and widely known for her fashion sense. She modelled with different fashion brands and was highly recognized in different fashion awards. This prompted me to feature her on my humble blog. I compiled Alexa Chung’s different feminine style and choose what I love the most to come up with my favourite top 10 style of her.

Here is My Top 10 Picks of Alexa’s Feminine Style    

Royal Princess

This is how leather jacket should be worn

White and Black Fusion

Street Modelling


Black and details

Effortless Floral


Rocking Flats

Sweater wonder
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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Online Shop Review: Lazada

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Image result for lazada
Credits to the Owner of the Photo

Today’s blog post is all about my favourite online shopping destination. I’ve been shopping for this site for more than a year. I have experienced ups and downs with the site and I believe I can give a wise review. The website I am reviewing is Lazada Philippines.

Launched in the Philippines last February 2012, it has become a go to website for different products from electronics to furniture.  It became a home for different brands from local to international. When I first visited the site, I was impressed with the variety of products to choose from. And until today, the site has been encouraging resellers to sell their product in the internet platform.

I do not trust online shops easily. I always make sure to do my research first. And Lazada has a lot of positive reviews that convinced me to make my first purchase. I barely recall my first order in the website but what made me appreciate it are there daily vouchers (it includes sale) and flash sales. I have never encountered that kind of website. It is a thumb up for me. Plus, they give discounts to different products every day.

When ordering in the website, one must first register in the site. Honestly, I can say it is easy to register and only require few minutes. When you are done registering, you can avail a 250 voucher on your first purchase. A good save! You can now start shopping! Lazada Philippines delivers anywhere in the Philippines. Delivery period depends on the area. As for me, I expect the delivery of my orders 5-6 days from dispatched. You will know if the items are already out for delivery because they will send you an email and text your number for the waybill details. Very convenient, isn’t it? There is a shipping fee amounting to 100 pesos if you purchase below 1000 pesos. Above 1000 is of free shipping.

If you will experience delay of orders just like what happened to me, you can always follow-up your orders on their social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter or on their website just fill-up the form. Once you have sent it, and email confirmation will be delivered to your email. They will also call you for update regarding your delayed orders. It is something I did not encounter with other sites. If you also have received defective, damaged or wrong items, you can make use of their return form and send it back to the nearest LBC outlet. They will get back to you once they received your return form slip.

What I love about Lazada is they live with their tagline “effortless shopping”. I did not exert much effort on shopping in the site, everything I is in there. Though I experience delay of shipment sometimes, there customer service has been efficient in informing me what is happening on my orders. I don’t have any negative comments on the website because I’ve been satisfied with the service they are giving me.

I do recommend Lazada on those people who love shopping in the comfort of their home. Whether its new trend on fashion, mobile, lifestyle and appliance, you know this site can live up to your expectation. I would rate it with 3.5 out of 5 because it has good quality products but the logistics are needed to be improved. Delayed of shipment has to be minimize specially from the products in the marketplace.

Here are some of the products I’ve bought in Lazada.

Happy Shopping!

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