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Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Vegan Experience

My Vegan Experience

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How was your day? Hope it’s wonderful! The news broke today that I might be back in Manila for some work stuff I have to attend. I was like, “really?” I don’t know what to say, I’ll experience again riding an airplane but this time, I’ll be alone. I’ll be alone going to Manila to a big city! Hush, I want to calm the excitement going through my system. I never blogged about my experience in Manila, I hope I would do it in my second time. But before I’ll focus my mind on the Manila stuff, I want to share my vegan experience when I was there.

I was never a vegan in my 23 years of living until I was in Manila. It is a seven day challenge of eating healthy food. No pork, no chicken, no fish. It is all vegetables and fruits. When I knew about the vegan thing, I questioned myself if I can handle it. It never occurs to me not eating those mentioned above in a week. I can skip vegetables but not fish. I take it as a welcome challenge; after all it is for good health.

The first day of my vegan experience, I did not take it positively; my taste buds are looking for different taste. I remembered it was a vegetable curry (I’m not a fan of curry) and I forgot the other one. I only eat one fourth of my food and made sure to drink the mango shake served. I feel sorry for the food, but I really can’t take it, my body is still adjusting. The second time I ate, I was able to eat the three fourth of the served food because they served it really in full plate! My taste bud finally adjusted and was able to eat a handful. I remember eating the famous dynamite, the “sili” cut in between put some cheese then fried. It was indeed dynamite; it kind of cracks my mouth!

My vegan experience includes trying out vegan hotdog, fried kangkong and squash (a must try), boiled carrot, chayote, and pipino, vegetable burger (a must try) and different fruit juice. Your stomach will get use it, if you practice it like what I did for a week, you’ll notice your bowel movement is different. You’ll be able to feel the cleansing from within, there is a glow. Your stomach will not feel full even you eat a lot. No guilty eating, I must say. And the most positive effect? You’ll notice weight lose naturally because fruits and vegetables can be easily digested by our body. You’ll get healthier.

It is good actually to practice but it takes a lot of discipline. I read from a magazine that this is the secret of a lot of stars to stay fit and sexy. Why not try? It does not hurt, right? If not able to push through, try some cheat but go back eventually.

These are the photos I was able to access in my tablet to show beautiful plating and different vegan food.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Halo-Halo Feast

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How’s your year so far? Hope it’s good to you! I was scrolling my phone today and saw a lot of halo halo pictures. It is so yummy to look at, can’t help but continue to stare for a moment. Then it struck me, why not make a blog post about it? Every time I dine at a restaurant I make sure that I’ll be able to taste their version of halo halo. It became a habit and so far so good.

Today’s featured halo-halo is from Max’s Restaurant, Rosario’s Seafood Restaurant and Snack Break. I compiled their three photos and you’ll be the judge which is more enticing, pictures wise but I’ll give my honest to goodness opinion. You don’t need to approve it, we have own views.

Max’s Halo-halo

This for two people serving, complete will all the ingredients to have a tasty halo-halo. Picture wise, you’ll agree with me, they made presentation looks yummy. It is actually yummy when you try. I love the vanilla ice cream instead of the usual ube flavour.

Snack Break Halo-Halo

This is a local snack inn I’ve tried in Buenavista, Agusan del Norte. For Agusanons, one can easily recognize it. It is the best tasting halo-halo in the place. Many locals from different places are flocking in Snack Inn to taste there special halo-halo. What makes it special? One can’t taste the ice! When it’s my first time to try it, I easily understand why it’s famous. Bursting with flavours and it has distinct taste. This is my favourite halo-halo among the three featured, a must try.

Rosario’s Seafood Restaurant Halo-Halo

It is located in the heart of Butuan City, in front of Gaisano Mall. They almost have the same component with Snack Break halo-halo but with different taste. The ice can be tasted. It is a yummy treat and a must try for people who want to taste halo-halo.
Those are the featured halo-halo for today’s post; did I make you want to try it? Thanks to my phone with so many stored photos of my food escapades. It is handful actually, 2014 is a foodie year for me. I am looking forward for more mouth watering desserts to discover in 2015. Share it to me, I might be able to find ways to try your favourite desserts.

To close this dessert post, I would like to recommend trying this Dessert Sampler from Max’s Restaurant where your palate will be able to try four different desserts in one order. A bite size of your favourite desserts will left you wanting for more!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Very Own BDJ Planner

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I had wanted to own a planner ever since high school. I still remember the times when I made a planner just to make sure I do not procrastinate! Yeah, I tend to procrastinate all the time. I always have this excuse of saying “I forgot!” Not acceptable at all, I know. It is the reason why I want to own one.
There are so many planners in the market with different perks and all. I’ve been thinking hard what to buy because I want it to be deserving of what I will pay. I am a practical person; I want value for my own money. My basis for buying a planner is its usefulness and its ability to inspire me to reach my goal and aspire to do more.

This is the reason why I choose Belle De Jour Power Planner. I’ve been eyeing this planner since last year but due to fund availability, I was not able to buy it. BDJ planner has so many features that made me more eager to buy it!

I love these features:
1.        2015 Goals
2.        My Happiness List,
3.       Dream Board
4.       2015 BDJ Checklist ( I will certainly follow it)
5.        Events Tracker

I also love these articles:
1.       Six Ways to Look Younger ASAP
2.        Five Ways to Love Yourself More
3.       Three Workouts you can Do at Home
4.       Why You Should Travel Alone,
5.       Tricks to Becoming money Smart
6.       Your Get-Happy Guide.

There is much more for this planner and I can’t get enough of it! Plus, not to mention is there Perks of Bella coupons.  Almost 40,000 worth of coupons from different store, how can I ask for more? This is more than what I have paid.

The planner itself is super chic and was obviously crafted with girly touch. The choice of colour and lettering make it pleasing to the eye. The representation of the Bella fits well to a on the go women of today. I did appreciate the black and pink cover, I love the combination. I don’t have anything to dislike. I feel satisfied as a customer.

You can buy BDJ Planner in their website and National Bookstore outlets nationwide. I’ve got mine in NBS Centrio. It is priced at 598.00 pesos.

Here are the photos I took with my own planner.


Sample Coupons

Another Coupons

The First Page

2015 BDJ Checklist

Sample Articles


Cash Flow Tracker

The Back Cover

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year, New Resolution, New ME

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Credits to the Owner of the Photo

Happy New Year everyone! First of all, thank you for reading my blog. I have been lack lusted before the year end and I don’t know what hit me. But as they say, New Year is a blank book and a new beginning. Everybody does deserve a fresh start.  So for me, this is a new book and new chapter. I want to start my blogging year with a new year’s resolution. I am not fond of making resolutions. It is not part of my arsenal but this year, I want to start anew and change some habits I am used. 

I want to change myself for the better, I believe I deserve it. This is a decision I made last January 1. It prompted me to write about my own resolution. I don’t know your resolution; I just want to share mine. Maybe we have the same, maybe not. But the thought here is, we want to have a change.

Learn to say “NO”

This is the toughest idea I in calculated in my mind. I have to say no when the circumstance is needed. I almost get in trouble because of always saying yes. I am always tagged as a kind girl.  I am the girl who always understands. This year, I want to change the idea. I want to be tougher. I want to say no and it’s a period.


This is a decade old problem. I never tried to change it because it does not bother me. But last year, it made an impact on me. I am working, needing to meet deadline is a priority for me. But due to my procrastination problem, sometimes I wasn’t which causes me to be scolded. And when one gets old, it is not good to look at when the manager calls your attention because you brought the team down. It does happen to me and I don’t want it to happen again.


I eat a lot, that’s a given and I’m proud of it. But this year, I want to change the mindset. Not that I won’t eat a lot but I will eat healthy. I will have hard time doing this I know, I can and I will. I will conquer this resolution and hopefully, once in a while I will post healthier and less sin food. I want to add fruits in my diet and less or no soda. That is the idea in my head, no to soft drinks, I successfully made it last holiday season and I will push it! I’ll push myself to eat salad too!

Learn to Exercise MORE!

Last 2014, I had this fondness for zumba but I was not able to maintain it coz, I started to get shy when my companions did not push it. This year, I don’t want to rely on other people to make things happen especially in the area of fitness. I want to push running as well, one of my wish list is to buy a running shoes and It is my first step to healthier me. I have now a fitspiration! 

Wag Magmadali

Do I need to say more? But this is more on for my love life. I am 24 but so what? I don’t want to be in a hurry. Going into a relationship is not a race that one has to be first but it is for the people who wait patiently for the right man to come and work on the relationship day by day.

Save More!

This is not the store but a mantra! Save more, I want to fulfil my travel itinerary for 2015 but before I will be able to do it, I need to save first! Yeah, lessen my expenses is on top of the list. I now have so many things in mind but cutting my credit card spending is the number one priority. I also want to try time deposit even for a lesser amount but what’s important is I’ll have an emergency fund.

Put GOD First

The cream on the cake. Put God above all, He is in control and I want it that way. I don’t want to live my life pleasing other people, giving them the thought that what they say matters coz It is not. God’s word is more important and I want to hear him even how little or big His voice is.

That’s all for my New Year’s Resolution and for today’s post.

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