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Friday, November 14, 2014

Ellips Hair Vitamin Hair Treatment with Jojoba Oil Review

Do you find your hair messy and unmanageable most of the time? Then you need a hair vitamin that can cater to your need.  Hair vitamins keep hair strong and healthy; it replenishes lost vitamins due to different weather conditions and severe styling. I have a thin hair strand and most of the time, it gets tangled. I am always on the lookout of hair products that can make my hair healthier. I have come across Ellips Hair Vitamins when I went to Watsons and decided to try it.

I am able to finish the six capsules and decided to have a review.

Here is my review of Ellips Hair Vitamin Hair Treatment with Jojoba Oil

The Product: Ellips Hair Vitamin Hair Treatment with Jojoba Oil

The Packaging:

The claim:

·         Formulated with jojoba oil, vitamin A, C, E & Pro Vit. B5 to help treat damage hair caused by chemical  treatment ( curling or straightening).
·         Notice that hair looks healthier, shiny and feels more manageable even from the first application.

How to Use:

ü  Use after shampooing on lightly towel-dry hair.
ü  Open the capsule, squeeze the product into your palm, rub hands together and evenly distribute through your hair.
ü  Leave it dry.

My experience with the product:
   I’ve using the products for than a month now. What I like about Ellips is it gives shine without feeling oily. I have tried a lot of leave on products that promises shine but it turns out that it only makes my hair oily and gives me dandruff. Ellips is different. It does not give an itchy feeling and it does effectively give me smooth and soft hair. I also notice that it does not have hot feeling when applied to hair.

Recommendation: Indeed, try it, you’ll love it! I will definitely recommend this!

Price:  60 pesos for 6 capsules. You can buy it in Watsons.

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  1. love to try this products,but does it not make your hair oily after so many hours!

  2. Luckily, it does not make my hair oily! That's why i love it.

  3. I love the packaging <3 it has the medical vibe ;3 it is truly a vitamin to the hair :3 that's good to hear sis Claire that Ellips hair vitamin does not make your hair oily :D