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Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Rookie: Bernadeth Pons

Bernadette Pons and the Lady Tamaraws tighten their grip on a place in ...
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 I am a big fan of College Volleyball. It started when I was still in college. I was really amaze on how these athletes play their A game in the floor. I become an avid fan of Aiza Maizo, Rachelle Ann Daquis, Angela Benting, Maruja Banaticla and the UST Tigresses. But eventually become a fan of FEU Lady Tamaraws. Then, I never look back. I’m always excited for UAAP Seasons because of volleyball and basketball. This UAAP Season 76 with the theme “Greatness Never Ends” I look forward to this very awesome rookie. She is the rookie of the FEU Lady Tamaraws, not super hyped in the social media. But when I saw how she plays in the recently concluded Shakey’s V-League, I was amaze and even asked, “Is she really a rookie?” She is that good. I’m pretty sure if you are a fan of FEU Lady Tamaraws you will recognize her. She is sensational, she is Bernadeth Pons.

Bernadette Pons is one of four rookies in the starting unit of Coach Shaq. She is an open hitter. She is scouted when playing in the Palarong Pambansa. I must say, she is really good. When UAAP Season 76 volleyball games started, I keep an eye on her. She has a potential. In the first round match up, one can see that she has a strong hit. Her hits are more on down the line. I like her because she calculates well her spike that it will hit the line. And mind you, it is not easy. Then she will hit it off the block. And recently, I see her cross court attacks. She can even spike on the backcourt and scores. Her A game is when FEU Lady Tamaraws fought ADU Lady Falcons. She has 27 points from spikes, service and blocks and she is a good digger too. She was even compared to Shiela Pineda, the veteran versus the rookie. She bested other tamaraws for Player of the Game.

What I like about her is she is not “maangas”. She smiles when she hits it perfectly and raises her hand when she doesn’t. She also has full swing when she hits the ball like Alyssa Valdez. This girl has a bright future if trained well. She just needs to limit her spiking errors. I’m sure; her coach is keeping an eye on how to improve her game. She is fearless when she spikes. I can see that she is an all around player. She is top ten in scoring and top 15 in digging. And correct me if I’m wrong, she is on the run for becoming the Rookie of the Year. If she will win, she deserves the award well. I really like this girl. I am a fan.
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  1. she is a good player! wish i could be maangas like her,im too shy to join sports!