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Friday, January 9, 2015

Halo-Halo Feast

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How’s your year so far? Hope it’s good to you! I was scrolling my phone today and saw a lot of halo halo pictures. It is so yummy to look at, can’t help but continue to stare for a moment. Then it struck me, why not make a blog post about it? Every time I dine at a restaurant I make sure that I’ll be able to taste their version of halo halo. It became a habit and so far so good.

Today’s featured halo-halo is from Max’s Restaurant, Rosario’s Seafood Restaurant and Snack Break. I compiled their three photos and you’ll be the judge which is more enticing, pictures wise but I’ll give my honest to goodness opinion. You don’t need to approve it, we have own views.

Max’s Halo-halo

This for two people serving, complete will all the ingredients to have a tasty halo-halo. Picture wise, you’ll agree with me, they made presentation looks yummy. It is actually yummy when you try. I love the vanilla ice cream instead of the usual ube flavour.

Snack Break Halo-Halo

This is a local snack inn I’ve tried in Buenavista, Agusan del Norte. For Agusanons, one can easily recognize it. It is the best tasting halo-halo in the place. Many locals from different places are flocking in Snack Inn to taste there special halo-halo. What makes it special? One can’t taste the ice! When it’s my first time to try it, I easily understand why it’s famous. Bursting with flavours and it has distinct taste. This is my favourite halo-halo among the three featured, a must try.

Rosario’s Seafood Restaurant Halo-Halo

It is located in the heart of Butuan City, in front of Gaisano Mall. They almost have the same component with Snack Break halo-halo but with different taste. The ice can be tasted. It is a yummy treat and a must try for people who want to taste halo-halo.
Those are the featured halo-halo for today’s post; did I make you want to try it? Thanks to my phone with so many stored photos of my food escapades. It is handful actually, 2014 is a foodie year for me. I am looking forward for more mouth watering desserts to discover in 2015. Share it to me, I might be able to find ways to try your favourite desserts.

To close this dessert post, I would like to recommend trying this Dessert Sampler from Max’s Restaurant where your palate will be able to try four different desserts in one order. A bite size of your favourite desserts will left you wanting for more!

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  1. My mom is super addicted to halo halo, yan lagi niyang order sa mga resto as dessert :) btw, I want ung snack break halo halo! :D parang nakakabusog.

  2. Masarap talaga sya. Tama lang ang tamis