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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Motivation: Back to Blogging

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How will you know if you really love something? I have read and heard that question a lot of times. I don’t exactly know the answer to the question until I fell in love. Even though there are times that I want to give up but because of the strong feeling that I have to stay, I did stay. And I am very happy right now. I thought this will only be applied to falling in love but I was wrong, this is also applicable with my passion. Before I have the guts to fall in love with the opposite sex, I already fell in love with writing.

Writing keeps me sane. Writing became the medium for me to release my stress, frustrations and happiness. I remembered, when I was in college, I was frustrated with everything going on. I was having a breakdown. My mother lost my work that time; I have to wait for my land lord to pay me with my tutorial fee. I don’t have any money, I’m losing hope and I’m losing my confidence. It was then that one of my board mates offered me to make her reaction paper for a price. She said, I need cash, I can have it but I have to do something for her too. I was the time that I cling to that passion, my writing skills packed with hope that I can have cash that day because of it. And yes, I did well. After, making the reaction paper of my board mate and feeding my empty stomach, I opened my note book and write in capital letter, “I WILL NEVER LOSE MONEY AGAIN”.    

Up to this day, that scenario has inspired me to do well. I am working with a sideline business to keep me afloat. I am afloat, I am busy and so I have lost time to write, it is the down side. Today, I want to rekindle my fire to write. It was the other day that I am reminded about my first love. My officemate which is studying her MBA approached me in face book asking if I can write for her. It is a determinant for her if she will pass or not. I was adamant, but trusted my passion. It may not be blazing that time but I know that it is still me.

 I can juggle this three-work, business and blogging. I will incorporate this three in my blog plus my countless experience I can share to inspire others. Once again,

Hello I’m Back, back to life of writing and back to blogging. Watch out for inspiring contents from this blog.


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