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Monday, November 12, 2012

The Day I Met Spam

I am fully aware of spam in the email. I read them everyday and then delete it. It is just the way it goes everyday. No much attention is given to it. It does not affect me at all, so it is fine. Then one day, I opened my Yahoo mail and read my inbox (it is an everyday routine for me) and found a Direct Message from Twitter. I opened it and read “Someone is spreading nasty rumors about you, creep” then a link. I was alarmed. What does it mean? I never did anything wrong. I tried to enter the website that was in the link over and over again but it was blocked by twitter itself. I was curious? I asked myself again, what it is in this website that it is blocked. One last try, I told myself, it was still blocked but I read from it that it was blocked because it steals identity of the user. Now, I can breathe easier, there is something wrong here and I need to find out what it is.
Then the day after, my direct message is full, all my followers have messages that are the same. I told myself it can’t be. I know the rules of Twitter, if your not following that person, you can’t DM them. I asked my close friend who is following me on twitter. What’s the nasty rumor is? After couple of hours, he answered me “SPAM”. For a while I felt shocked. So this is spam, it is not only on email where many people are telling you, you won on lottery that does not exist at all. It is also telling lies about you to visit websites that does steal your identity and try to use your account for their own purposes. Creep indeed. I’m so happy my friend told me earlier so that I become aware. Curiosity kills the cat, that’s a reminder for each one of us. Let us be aware about spam. It can lure us. They can be from people we follow or follower on twitter.

Just a reminder, to you my dearest readers!

Have you ever encountered Spam?

What is your reaction?

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