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Thursday, November 15, 2012


                 These past few days, I have wanted to write so many things. I have so many ideas but I can’t even write one article. I always have beginning but no body and ending. For past few days, I am very frustrated, really. Does my passion left me? It daunts me thinking of the possibility that I can’t write anymore.  In truest since, I am pretty sure I can still write but what is lacking is my inspiration to write. Yes, inspiration. I never thought that I would come to a point that I would lack enthusiasm to write. Inspiration, pretty broad, I am looking for a needle amidst the crowd.

                   What kind of inspiration am I looking? Ok, for the past few days, I want to try earning via online. I want to write online because I want to showcase my passion. It started from there, since that idea pop on my head, I can’t write anymore. My mind becomes numb. Maybe I’m pressured. That’s it; I’m pressured to do my best because I am thinking my effort may not be enough to please them. That’s the first; I need a person that would tell me “Do your best and God will do the rest”. I need God as an inspiration. It is a dire feeling that I was not able to go to church for the longest time and I think. More than anything else, I need him to guide me at this point in my life. Everything in my life right now is changing and I’m not yet ready. So maybe, I need to step backward and ask for God’s leading and guidance. He knows best. Quite time is the best solution.

                    The other inspirations I need to undertake:
Love life. Oh yeah, this is the first time I will be opening my heart about this part. I am ready to love but there is no prospect. I feel that after 22 years of my life, I am ready. I don’t know what is happening in me. I feel so insecure about myself just because I never experienced loving someone. Ok, I admit it. This is a part of me I need inspiration too. I am not choosy but it is just that I got so occupied with my studies and I forgot the other stuff like others. Boom, I poured out my feelings. I hope you understand what I am talking right now.

                 These are the factors perhaps right now plays vital role why I am so disoriented in writing. Ok, the other is easy to get solution but about the love life thing, it is not easy. I’m not posting wanted here. I am just scrutinizing the contributing factors that lead me to this. Hu, inspiration. Why of all things am I writing this? Because this is the only positive move I can do to finally back to the writing track. I think this is effective because I finally made a write up. Thank you!


  1. wew, what a post best.. hehe.. like it.. go for your inspiration..

  2. Go reach for your dreams sis Claire :) you can do it!!! Nothing's impossible <3 Never stop being motivated and inspired to make your dreams into reality ;)