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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Movie Pass: It Takes A Man and A Woman

Who loves the Laida Magtalas ang Miggy Montenegro love story? If you answer is "me", then you are part of  us who is waiting for the third installment of the romantic comedy trilogy. Yep, it has been almost 4 years since You Changed My Life was shown. I miss the power hug, bebe ko and sun dance already. There is something between John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo that makes each movie goers love them on screen and I am not exception to it. I am one of those fans that fervently waiting for the movie to finally shown. It Takes A Man and A Woman now showing, when I saw it in TV, I rushed to the mall and with a smile, waited for the movie to start.

I watched the movie on April 7, my sister and I watched it on 6 pm. We buy the ticket earlier because the line is too long. The cashier keep on asking the movie goers if they will be fine standing. Of course the answer would be no so we opt to watch it on 6 pm show. We waited for almost 30 minutes because we came earlier. When the movie ended, all movie goers are already standing outside, It is surely a hit. Many people were smiling and keep on talking about the movie.I got more excited.

When we were already inside the cinema, I've feel the atmosphere of excitement. Everyone are on there seat waiting for the movie to start. When it started, there was serenity in the place, as if an angel has pass. Then the next sounds are laughter, laughter and laughter. The story is very beautiful and the characters are defined very well. The transition of the story is well executed. I fully now understand how many people when broken hearted becomes tough and just like what Laida told in the story, "fiercer, bolder, stronger, this is Laida version 2.0". Love it.

I would really recommend this drama. It is a must watch. I am addicted to it that I am planning to watch it next Sunday. Trust me, your money is more than worthy it when you watched it. Hoping to have a 4th installment of the drama! Congrats to the cast and crew!

Rating: 100%

Realization: A woman becomes tougher when her heart was broken. Some women can't move on when there is no proper closure.


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