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Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Addiction: To The Beautiful You

Who doesn't like watching koreanovelas? There looks are very endearing. The plot is not a typical one and they have the charm to induce anyone to watch them. I am speaking here in my first hand experience. I am so addicted to koreanovelas. It started when I was in elementary and watched "The Truth" and since then, I keep on watching korean series. I've been hooked with Which Star Are You From?, Boys Over Flowers, He's Beautiful, Rooftop Prince and Princess Hours. And my latest korean drama addiction is "To the Beautiful You".

It seems to me that korean writers never got tired of having a protagonist that pretends to be girl. And in my own opinion they have successfully run this plot just like He's Beautiful. There latest offering is a remake of the manga "Hana Kimi". I've watched the Taiwanese version of Hana Kimi and I personally love it. Though I feel that the protagonist of the story tries to hard in making a face. Nevertheless, I still love it. So, I'm expecting no less from the korean version of the series.

When I watched the series, I can really feel the chemistry of the two leads. Sulli is very cute and Minho suits the character well. I love them both! I love it when they locked eyes with each other. There is spark everywhere ( it is only me who see it!). I'm currently watching it religiously . They give me a boast! I love the flow of the story, the third wheel and the doctor. They make an adorable cast. I'll keep on watching until I reach the end. And all I can say is "fighting!".

PS. This drama will be shown in ABS-CBN. You can watch it every weekdays. You'll love it!

Till my next Korean Drama post!


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