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Monday, December 9, 2013

Let Me Tell You My Stories: What I am Thankful For

Hey there! 

Thank you for reading my blog!

It has been a long time ago since I blog. I don’t know what gotten to me. I lost my appetite for writing because of a lot of things I need to consider first. And I cannot really write if I have so many things in mind.  Maybe it is the reason why. I failed in my time management. But things has changed now, I want to update now blog. This is very personal to me, my outlet so that my voice is heard. I can’t let go what makes me super fulfilled. Hmm, there are two things also that made me super inspired too! Two blessings that I never expected I will get.

First is passing the Civil Service Exam. It was an unexpected blessing, last Oct. 6, 2013, I took the exam. I was not expecting to pass. The exam is difficult (in my own opinion).  There are numbers that I was not sure of my answers. I just give it to God. And I was thankful I did. He guides me throughout the exam. I finish the exam exactly with the allotted time. When I was finished, I feel so tired, hungry and floating. I don’t know the verdict. My mind is full of what ifs and all what ifs are answered when the result came out. I pass the exam and it feels so good. 

The second blessing I’ve got is winning the Nuffnang Bloggers Contest. It is for the article I’ve made regarding Hardy’s Wine. It made my heart sink. Knowing my fruit of labor is being recognized by other people feels so good. I become so speechless when I read Nuffnang’s email.

Life is full of unexpected blessings. These are the blessings that define us. Give us hope and lead us to what we really want. Let’s continue to expect for unexpected blessings.

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  1. congrats! this is one big celebration,hope i could finish my studies too in the future!