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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Take Me to Tokyo Tokyo!

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Hmmm, This is the start of my series of post regarding my recent trip to Davao City. It is a spur of the moment for me, I just want to unwind from all the stress. The perfect getaway to escape is Davao City. It is simply one of the best choice destinations in this part of Mindanao. I went there last December 28--31, 2013. It is a three day trip but it is all worth it. I really love Davao and upon writing this post, I'm missing it already.

This first post about Davao is all about food. I really love eating and one of my resolutions this 2014 is try new restaurants and food of course. Today, I'm featuring a Japanese restaurant. It is my first time to try their food but it is all worth it. This restaurant I'm talking about is Tokyo Tokyo. I'm sure you already read about Tokyo Tokyo and what they serve. They are more of authentic Japanese cuisine. Honestly, I never tried Japanese Cuisine before that's why I was hesitant but my instinct tells me to try. We dine at the third floor of SM Lanang where the restaurant is located. It has the usual red design. I don't know what to eat really because I never know their food in truest sense. So we settle with their best seller. The sumo where in we can try two dishes in their menu. So what we choose to eat? Here they are!

The Usual Architecture

Sumo-Good for Two


You Know What it Is


Have a Sumo with me!

That's all for today's post. I really love their pork tonkatsu! So yummy and tasty. Their sumo meal is super worth it. This is one of the reasons why I miss Davao. Food, food more food.

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  1. i love tokto tokyo too especially the ramen soup and their red tea