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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Abreeza Mall: Love This Mall

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This is my last post about my sweet escape to Davao. How I love the place. And my last post is all about the mall I first visited. I was really amaze on how it was built. It is very green in my own way of describing it. I don’t know architecturally if it was a masterpiece because I cannot figure out its shape. But what I am sure is I really love it. I really like Abreeza Mall Davao.

Abreeza Mall is a three storey Mall in the heart of Davao. It has a garden and a kiddie area built with a toy factory theme. It also has a fountain that glows at night. These are what I noticed at first when I took my first step on it. When I get inside, the mall is the home of different designer brands, authentic restaurants, beauty products and other stores only Abreeza can offer. One cannot get enough of it and can’t help but go on a shopping at the expense of its pocket. That what Abreeza made me feel. It has a very cozy vibe and it’s stores are inviting to take a peek of what they can offer.

It is a usual mall like any other mall I visited my instinct says but when I saw their third floor especially in their food court. I concluded that my instinct is wrong, what causes the change of my mind? Because their food court is an open space overlooking the whole city. One can feel the air brushing into their hair and the relaxing ambience it gives. It was mesmerizing. One can just sit whole day their thinking and eating then their day can be solved. It is only a plus that the food in their food court is simply delicious and has variety.

Oh, I have so many good words for this mall. I even forgot that I need to take pictures. Ha-ha-ha, never the less, I took some and it is enough. Here are what I was able to take in Abreeza Mall.

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  1. their christmas decors is so inviting! wish i could visit this mall or davao