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Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy Anniversary The Beauty Junkee!

Another year has passed and it's May 2014 now! It is also the time for my favorite blogger and blog to celebrate. This is one of my favorite blog and read a lot. Her blog is now a 5 years old toddler! That is record breaking already. She never fails to make her blog interesting and captivating. The blog has a lot of posts about make up, food, skin care, travel and sometimes OOTD. There are random post about things she loves. The post that make me notice her blog is about the slimming pills. You can read it here: It is well written and very informative. Now you know who is celebrating her 5th Anniversary! !I want to congratulate Martha Sta. Barbara of The Beauty Junkee! And to celebrate this milestone, she is throwing a super, mega giveaway with more than 100,000 worth of prizes! Excited? Sponsors are pouring in her blog! To know more about her giveaway,

Click here:
The Beauty Junkees 5th Anniversary 


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  1. Tagal na ng blog niya 5 years :D sing edad na ng kinder na bata ;) congratulations to her!!!