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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tricks of the Trade: Dealing with Hot Headed Customers

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Tricks of the Trade: Dealing with Hot Headed Customers

Lub dub, lub dub, blood pressure is rising, temperature is getting hotter, pressure is undeniably crazier. You want to throw all your claws to the woman you are facing. Yes, she is a customer and customer is always right but she is getting in your nerves! But if you are not calmer than the usual you, you are pretty sure you can eat her alive! Oh, what is running in your mind should not be evident in the outside world, you don’t want to ruin your job and get in jail just because you attack her in a wild manner right? How about the bills to be paid? Times like this you need a divine intervention from up above or just simple tips to make it manageable the next time.
Here they are the saving grace in dealing with undoubtedly crazy Customers
Customers are Always Right
Remember what your boss is always reminding you? Customers will always customers; they will try their best to persuade you to their advantage. There is a reason why the saying goes around. They are the ones that save the business, if aren’t for them the business will be bankrupt, meaning, they should be treated with utmost enthusiasm and respect. Try to compose yourself. Always make them above yourself; they might be wrong, yes. But they are still those people that patronize the business plus, they are the reason why you have that work after all.
Imagine the Consequences
Look, this is kinda tricky but this will work wonders. Imagine yourself, what will be the consequences of your action if you let your emotion surpass you. Customer Service station will be of compliance but what’s the worst? Lose your job? Yep, it would probably happen. So before you think of doing anything wrong, thinks about what are at stake. You do not want to let your life be ruined because of that sudden outburst of emotion right? Think first before you act. That customer will come laughing at your misery the moment the outburst has finished.
Smiling lightens the mood. You know that for yourself, even the angriest person will feel calmer when they see a person smile, not the sarcastic one but a real one. One can easily recognize if someone is faking it. Even though you hate the fact to smile, you should remind that is why you are in that job, to give your customer your best service and what comes with that service? A genuine smile from you-pretty sure you already guess that. 
Crazy customers, you’ll deal that almost every day. They come in different packages but what stands out is the fact that it is how you deal with them that matters. You are better than who you are the moment you realize that. Come on, lighten up. Breath in, breath out, hard to deal customers? Oh, it does not part of your vocabulary anymore. You have learned, right?
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  1. smile and be ready with any kind of attitude that customer has!

  2. Actually sis Claire I do not agree with "the customer is always right" thingy ehhhh nobody's perfect even customers XD tsaka abusado naman kasi yung iba ehh