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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Max's Restaurant in Robinson's Place Butuan

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I am not able to blog for quite some time now. So sad because the wifi in our office has been blocked and I have to take things on my own to post stuff in my blog. And today, my drought has been liften by a food post. This is all about Max's Restaurant. Max's has a newly opened branch in Butuan City and my friend and I are curious about the menu. It's still snack time so we opted to try their club house. It's just a snack so its not grand but I just want to take photos of their restaurant. So here it is, notice the Gilas Photos I'm a  fan of them #Puso.




History Board

Soft drink Pitcher

What's on the Menu?

Lights On

There's a Birthday Boy
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  1. sayang naman inalisan kayo ng wifi sis... pero namanage mo pa din makapag blog :D thank you for posting this sis