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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Dove’s I am Beautiful Campaign

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 Lately, I saw a lot of posts on being true to our real age. It gives a statistics that a lot of women are not celebrating their birthday mainly because they are afraid to get older. It is true. A lot of people I know when asked about their age, will just smile and looked away. It is natural reaction of a woman, I myself is not an exception.  I am afraid to accept that I am getting older.  Blame it to the idea that as a woman gets older, its market value gets lower. Boom, it is a sad reality. 

                I am happy that a giant beauty soap company like Dove tackle this never ending cliché that attributed to age in their campaign. It is an awakening for women to be proud of their age and at the same time deal with this millennium age idea that women are starting to sour grape as it ages. The “I am beautiful campaign” is timely. It encourages women to be proud of its age at the same it in stills an idea that even at any age women are beautiful. It is a matter of how it takes the idea of aging. The declaration of saying the age and declaring that “I am beautiful” is a reminder that age is just a number and number should not scare women. 

                Don’t be confined in the idea that because you are this age, you are not beautiful anymore. You are, you just need to find it to yourself. Remember, you are the master of your emotion, and what you put to mind shows. Practice declaring “ I am Beautiful” today, and see the change within you.
I am Claire, 24. And I am beautiful.

See this ad campaign from Dove and be inspired, Beauties!

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  1. I do believe im beautiful in my unique ways! every individual has her own beauty not only in the physical aspect as well in her beliefs,emotional as well as her characteristic

  2. Dove's new campaign is indeed inspiring and very motivational not just to teenage girls but to the whole humanity as well sis Claire, each and every one of us has our own insecurities and flaws... Dove is the best way to remind us that we are beautiful no matter what ;) and that no body can let us feel less!