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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Just a Big Thank You

Hey there!
Thank you for reading my blog!

OMG! I am 24! Yes I am 24. And I consider being 24 a peak of every woman. A lot can happen with this age. Many women get married, promoted on their career and others found their calling. As for me, I still need to figure it out. But one thing I am sure is before I can enter the peak of womanhood. I still need to celebrate it. I need to celebrate my birthday! Happy birthday to me!

My birthday is exactly October 3. I successfully celebrated it with friends and family. I feel so blessed with many people showering me with greetings. I want to say thank you for all of them. They have helped my 24 years of existence meaningful. I was able to throw a simple dinner but did not buy something for myself this year. Usually I have a gift for myself as a reward of all my hard work. But this year, I choose to delay or might not give anything for myself until Christmas. You want to ask why? Because I have already received a lot of stuff from different blog giveaways I won. My prayers have been answered so I don’t want to ask for more. More on a big thank you for those blogs who give me all the stuff I want for my birthday.      

First stop is an Abysnthe Happy Girls are the Prettiest from is the reason why I started joining giveaways and the first blog who choose me as one of her winners back in May 2012. It’s been more than two years and I am still reading her blog! Why? Because I simply love it, she does not only feature and review make up products but also shares her personal style in her blog. Her girly and truthful posts make me stick.
I just want to say thank you! 

Second are two tops, shorts and blouse from

This is my second time winning her giveaway. The last one is last year. I am just so glad that her giveaway is in time for my birthday. I don’t need to buy myself with fashion finds because she already provided me with it!

Thank you Miss Charlene Ajose!

Third is a dress from chichi clothing courtesy of Aimerose Blog

I just accidentally found her blog while visiting a blog I followed and I like her different OOTD’s and I saw that she is hosting an international giveaway so I joined and luckily, I also won! Visit her site here:

Lastly is a pair of sandals to die for from Go Jackie GO!

Yay! This is my new favourite blog. She is my fitspiration! She knows how to balance her life. Though she shines as a blogger she also makes sure to be hands on mom of two while making herself fit! I’m inspired to work on my body. She can do it, why can’t I right?

Visit her blog here!

Thank you Miss Jackie!

This post is a simple thank you. Not only for those blog who picked me as there winner but also for the people who made my life meaningful, I may not be able to name all of you one by one but you will always be in my heart no matter what. You are all special as always.

PS. You can follow me on Twitter @MayeeXin, Instagram @mayee_xin and Wattpad MayeeXin.

Until my Next Blog Post!
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  1. wow,congrats on your winning! i do love join bloggers contest too but not s o fortunate to win always, but i keep on trying!

  2. Wow sis claire congratulations on winning :D... I love Charlene Ajose's blog too <3 she has such grand giveaways time to time ;)