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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Short Reminder

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I've been fed up lately with so many things that I was not able to find time to blog. Thankfully, I am done with my Christmas shopping and all the things to prepare before Christmas and New Year arrive. So here I am, able to sneak in a short blog post. This is to remind us that the best is yet come. We may feel down now or a little bit discomfort because of all the pressure of the holiday. Maybe you are bit, problematic where to get finances to buy gifts or you are single and the pressure of "SMP or Samahang Malamig ang Pasko" is hunting you. Take a deep breath, calm down and remember, "the best is yet to come".

Remember, God is watching, he will not let you take the same road twice. He has something exciting for you. It just needs a lot of time for it to happen. He has so many promises and He will never break it. The quote above is a simple reminder. Come on, think positive. You are a master of your thoughts, in still it in your mind.

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