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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Are You Online Secure?

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Do you have a credit card? Have you become a victim of credit card duplication? If your answer is yes, please do comment! I received a disturbing text message from my bank last June 23. It says for my card security, I should call them immediately. I did not bother at first because I was thinking maybe they just want to follow up my payment due (I know my thought was hilarious, hahaha). Then today, they texted me again with the same content, I got bothered. 

I called my bank’s customer service and informed them about the text I received and they forwarded me with their security group. They asked me with a lot of questions for verification and then asked me if I had a transaction last June 22 in the USA worth 22, 000! How was that? I immediately answered “No”. How come I do that when I know that my balance is below that amount? It sends me shiver. The woman on the line informed me that my card has been duplicated and they had it blocked already. I got thankful. She told me the bank will deliver a new card after 7 days. 

I never had a history of credit card duplication. I have read different instances about credit card fraud and I didn’t expect I would become a victim. Thankfully, my bank was able to detect. I was always sure that the sites I visited and purchased are secure. But because of what happened to me, I am not sure. I keep on thinking of sites that I used my credit card. I am sure I only use it for two sites and I am now contemplating whether to buy on credit card on those sites. 

Every time I think about what happened, I had ifs. If I had enough credit limit to allow purchase amounting to 22,000, what will happen to me? How will I be able to prove that it is not me who made the purchase? Yeah, I know it’s just ifs and thankfully, no harm done to my account. I want to know if I have a reader that became a credit card fraud and how you deal with it. Please hit comment! I’ll gladly appreciate it!         

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