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Monday, June 22, 2015

Kwentong Tsuper: An Amazing Story of a Pedicab Driver that Left Drug Addiction

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Every after work or after my morning jog, it is a routine for me to go to the Market. I always ride a pedicab and there is always something new I learn. Pedicab Drivers always have something to say whether it is about the current state of the politics or the rising prices of different commodities. They always like to share stories and those stories I listened from them makes the ride worth it. Last week, I had an interesting chat with a pedicab driver and thought of sharing this to you. I hope that his story will be able to help that family man that got addicted to drugs. He was able to reinvent himself after his fall.

We were two passengers when the Pedicab driver starts to talk. He said a place in the city that drug selling and addiction is very rampant. He then shared his story on how he was able to try it. It was out of curiosity and peer pressure. He is a father of two kids. He said he is a good provider and a faithful husband before he got addicted to drugs. He has a Pedicab and he has a driver renting it and would pay him for the boundary. One day, his driver did not remit the boundary and its family were looking for him. The driver’s family is worried and he looked for him. He found the driver in the drug den. He told him about his family’s concern but it was so high and it did not even listen. It was his first close encounter with drugs. It repeated again and out of his curiosity, he tried it. When he tried, he said there is nothing amazing on it. It’s just normal. He became the driver of his own pedicab and he noticed that he did not get tired. He felt that he is energy is being renewed. He can drive even for the whole day. That made him tick. He started to keep on using it. He’s mind became futuristic. His family noticed the change. They talked with his wife but his already on the pit and he didn’t know how to come out of it.

Another passenger gets on the ride. He continued his story. His wife become nagger and he did not choose to go home. He does not want to face the reality. He enjoyed the fantasy he lives in the moment. Then the wake-up call happened. They were struggling. His wife’s salary isn’t enough anymore, his kids are afraid of him, his pedicab got sold and he cannot the fix problem anymore. He has to change, he said. But the hardest part is the process of changing. He keeps on coming back to it. His body is searching for it and his neighbours are encouraging him to come back. He would e happy if he stops for a week but after that, he goes back. It is the story all the time. He looks for help; he changed his religion but it did not help him. He is so guilty that he sees his wife crying every night. He has his “if only” and “what if’s” . He made a decision; he applied for a job that can keep him busy and away from the place. He said, it was the best move he made. He was assigned to a secluded place. He got himself going. There are times that his body is looking for it but he managed to destruct himself. The change became gradual and he succeeded. He said, it is the darkest past he was able to successfully fight.

I reach my destination and I thank him for his wonderful story. It was not an easy feat but he made it. He made me believe in the saying “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. It is not an easy way out specially the process of changing but if you are motivated enough and you believe that it’s for the best you can always carry on. I don’t know the plate number of the pedicab and I am not sure if I can still recognize him but one thing is sure. I will always remember how his story inspired me. Change is for the brave people that accept they were wrong and they were responsible to make it correct.

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