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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Take: My Impression on FEU’s First Game

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Hope all of you are doing fine! This is my first blog post for the month of September. But before anything else, I would like to greet you Advance Merry Christmas! And my birthday is coming, so I have an incoming giveaway to treat my followers and readers, hope all of you would be able to join, it’s coming this October!

Back to my blog post, it’s been a while since I wrote about sports story and I am so hyper that my favourite team, the FEU Tamaraws won in huge margin against the ADMU Blue Eagles. I want to share to all of you basketball and UAAP fans my first impression on their win. Yeah, I watch it from beginning to end and I must say I am a great home based cheerer.

Here are my Impressions from FEU’s last win

They Have Couple of Players that Step Up. (Tolomia, Pogoy, Belo, Jose and Escoto)
In the first minutes of first quarter, the game was head to head, both teams are exchanging baskets. But Tamaraws pulled away after Mike Tolomia baskets. Then they did not look back. They have couple of players that scored in double figures. Though I don’t know the exact numbers, the Tamaraws have more than assist against the Eagles that lead to uncontested shots.They have a total of 17 assists. They move the ball well and look for the open man. This resulted to four players with double figures. Pogoy led the way with career high 19 points followed by Tolomia with 17 and Belo and Jose with 16 points. Tolomia made a couple of highlight plays and Belo had a dunk to open the third quarter. Escoto stepped up in defense with couple of rejections in the basket. FEU Tamaraws play as team and they win with large margin, 88-64.

They Dominate the Boards

As a lot of sportscaster says, the team that dominates the board wins the game.   FEU Tamaraws limit the Blue Eagles with one touch to the basket. They dominate the rebound. Escoto, Pogoy, Jose and Belo battled for loose balls which lead to fast break and uncontested shoots. The young big men of ADMU were not able to keep up with the veterans of FEU. FEU was good in boxing out.

FEU have Deep Bench

I have read in Rappler’s preview that FEU focused in deepening their bench this season. They have seven (7) rookies in their line up. I saw one of their rookies, the Nigerian recruit Orizu played at center position take action. I had noticed that Coach Nash used a lot of players in his rotation. As a result, his players are all fresh when playing. One example I notice is Tolomia is playing in first quarter, then he would rest in the second quarter and Pogoy will come to play.

I believe, FEU Tamaraws are the team to beat this season given their hunger for the crown. With their depth and experience as their battle tested formula. As coach Nash Racela would emphasize, they don’t want to be arrogant in assuming they are a contender but they will act as a Tamaraw, once provoked, they will keep on fighting.

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