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Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Take: Writing Realization

My Take: Writing Realization
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“Collect the pieces to be normal again”

Today, after a long rest to writing, I have made my first blog post for 2016. Not quite, good for a person who promise to keep on writing until I have no idea what to write anymore. I have never thought that dormancy will be long to occur. I only expected it to be a month or so. Now, realization hit me. If your passion is writing, even how long you cease writing, there will be time in your life that you will come back. Why? Because writing is part of your system, if you take out part of your system, you won’t be whole again. Collect the pieces to be normal again.

It has been a rocky 2016. Both on personal and my entrepreneurial endeavours and my 2015 goals and plans aren’t easy to achieve. Plus so many factors, I have lost control. So many areas in my life are affected which includes writing. I can’t formulate any ideas on my head, writer’s block out as some writers call it. Then again, when its run in the system, your ideas will suddenly flow just like what happened today. This fuels my comeback post. This stimulates my collect the pieces and go back on tract. This made my realization a reality.

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Today, I declare. I am a writer. My system yearns to write, to have a purpose on writing and I will continue writing. No amount of back lash will hinder me to persist on my first love. I’m going back to my keyboard, dictionary and formulate ideas. Do the cycle of think, write, edit and polish. I have faced the trials, made procrastination and worst of all, stop. I have to add a new paragraph which is new beginning.

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This is my realization and the best one for that matter. You fail only if you stop writing.
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