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Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Perfume in the House!

Never Expected This

The Benettons are in the House!

                "Just when i thought I've got it all already, more blessings shower me. Last November I won a dress from Laureen Uy's giveaway blog, make-up kit from jannieology, short, blouse and a dress from bianca sing. I was not expecting I would win more! I usually checked my email and boom! I saw Miss Camille Co's tweet telling me I won her United Colors of Benetton Giveaway. I was speechless, I never thought I would won that big and would be able to try products that beyond my capacity to buy. Benetton is only a dream for me. It was a dream come true. It is so surreal but it is true. I am living my dreams. A sense of gratitude enveloped me.
                 Thank you so much Miss Camille Co! It is such s pleasure reading your blog and following your style choices. Winning your giveaway is a plus! if you want to be updated with Miss Camille's blog visit You'll surely love her outfit posts!

                That's all for today's update! Thank you for reading!

               I'll continue to be a dreamer. I'll dream and conquer BIG!
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  1. congrats,you're so lucky,hope i could win expensive perfumes like this!

  2. Congratulations sis Claire... you are truly blessed and lucky winning A WHOLE LOT of blog giveaways!!!