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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Papemelroti Contest: Happiness Pack

What does happiness means to you? I'm pretty much sure that when you encountered the question, you'll have different answers to it. Happiness means to different people. We have different sources of happiness. It just depends on how we appreciate it. Speaking of happiness, Papemelroti is giving away Happiness Pack!

What you can win?

Mini Happiness Journal
Evening Bracelet Watch
Shabby Chic Picture Frame
Vintage Fabric Brooch
Full Color Notebook
Mini Box Cards
Rejoice in the Moment Ring
Blue Drop Ribbon Earrings

They are so gorgeous I really want to have them! I want to win them all! I become of Papemelroti when they were featured in ANC's Green Living. And up until now, I am still a fan of their artworks. 

So if you want to see for yourself what they have install for you.. Visit this link!

You'll surely appreciate it!



  1. Papemelroti products is a nice gift for christmas and one way to help the environment!

  2. Papemelroti has that signature of vintage vibe and eco friendly products :) the company's purpose is good.. recycling products and producing cute items :) up for grabs!