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Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Super Peg: Bianca Gonzalez

Credits to the Owner of the Photo

She is a mirror of being a superwoman. She excelled in everything she does. She was able to balance everything in her life. From a magazine editor to a blogger to a host and a girlfriend to her long time boyfriend and she also have time to travel and take wonderful pictures. I just really love her. She is an epitome of a Miss Independent woman. She is my super peg- the one and only Bianca Gonzales.

Bianca Gonzales is the cover of Women’s Health issue for January. And I cannot help myself but to write about this super girl. She is my inspiration on how to balance life. When I saw her in the cover, I am more inspired to make her my inspiration. She has a very slim body and healthy too. How did she do that? It is really my question. How does her able to do the things she does without compromising the other aspect in her life. Really, I dream of interviewing her, asking her the question that linger on my mind for the longest time. How does she fit everything in her schedule? How to prioritize when all things are priority? What does it feel to travel alone and see different places? How does writing change her life? What does she like most, writing or hosting? Those are the few questions I want to ask about her, how I wish I will be able to talk to her and to be inspired by my super peg. I am even affected by her life and who she is away from her how much more if I can talk to her personally  and listen to what she can say. 

Why I like Bianca Gonzales, some people ask me. My answer is always, “ she is living my dream life”. I always dream of travelling to different places and seeing the wonders of the world. Bianca Gonzales is already doing it. She travels places to places and even travelled to Mexico alone! She is very brave. When I saw that she is the endorser of Rexona Women do more campaign, I feel that she fits to the campaign perfectly. It is as if no can be fitter to it than only her.  Bianca Gonzales is also a blogger, editor and host. She is into writing, I read her blog post and column in the news paper and she is superb.  She can do it all. I also like the humility in her. When confronted in issue about Annabel Rama, she acknowledges that she may have fault ask for forgiveness. It is an epitome of a real writer.

I hope that she can read this blogpost and know that I’m her super fan. This may be a very good post but this is from the heart. I will continually be inspired with her life. I am your number one fan Super Bianca! Grab Women’s Health issue with Bianca Gonzales in the cover!
Till my next blog post!
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