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Friday, January 24, 2014

“If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?”


If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines? What is that gift? I was in trance for a moment when I read the question. It is as if I was given a chance to become a fairy God mother for a second. I can give a gift, and it is not only for a person but for my beloved country. What do the Philippines need the most? At the back of my mind, the answer is too many. The fingers in my hand and feet will never be enough. But my answer is based on the last low pressure and tropical depression that hit Caraga Region.  It stays in Caraga Region for almost three weeks.

Almost all Barangays in Butuan City is submerged in water. To be particular, 67 out of 86 barangays. Agusan River has reached its critical level. And the barangays surrounding the river is almost nowhere to be found. All I can see is the ceiling of those houses and the water surrounding it. Residents aren’t ready for it. They never expected the river to rise so fast that they were not able to prepare their belongings and did not even try to evacuate. Many of them were trapped in their houses waiting for rescuers to rescue them. It is not easy for the rescuers to rescue those stranded in their houses because the water current is too strong. Both the rescuers and to be rescued lives are at stake. The rescuers need all the facilities needed for rescue to be present to make the rescue mission successful. But the Philippines have limited rescue facilities to use in order to help those in need in times of natural disaster like flood.

For #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014, my gift for the Philippines would be rescue facilities for typhoon and earthquake. These are natural calamities that hit the Philippine seashore every now and then. Thus, we should always be prepared for it. Rescue facilities like boats and life saving devices such as life vests and flotation devices. Facilities for rescue will be much needed help to reach out those people who needs help. It would be better if every barangay has boat, life vest and floatation devices so that rescue will be more accessible. It is also a big help if there is a group of people in the Barangay trained for rescue purposes so that when the circumstance arises there are people whom the residence can depend on. Typhoons are stronger than usual because of global warming. If calamities are upgrading, then it’s also time to upgrade what we have. We cannot settle for two to three boats when we have 68 Barangays need rescue. Delayed rescue means more lives are at stake. And lives lost will never be back to life, that’s the hardest part. And according to data, more and more lives are lost due to typhoon that caused flood. The main reason is the delayed response due to lack of facilities. When the rescuers came houses and the people are swept already. These are hard facts that cannot be ignored. It should be given importance because it is true. It mirrors reality. The action should not only come from the government but also from us citizens, in our own little way. And this is my way of helping, reaching and hopefully fulfilling my wish for the Philippines. Hope this wish will come to reality.

We cannot take the risk. Risk is only for business. Life is precious. I want to give the Philippines a gift of life. The readiness in times of disaster and that preparedness of all the needed facilities are too important to be ignored. Manpower is important but it cannot be fully utilize if the materials are not present. Facilities and manpower are equally important. But it is overlooked by those in position. They were given importance when lives are lost already. It is sad truth but it does not mean we will ignore and live with it. We have the voice and power to change the scenario. I hope to win #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 to fulfil my wish. The fulfilment of my wish means more lives will be spare, more lives will be saved and more facilities will be given. The rant of lack of rescue facilities will be answered too. It will serve as an awakening and starting point. The beginning for a new hope that we can upgrade what we can have. And it only started with one wish.

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  1. I agree with you claire/kring2x. I like the way you choose on what kind of gift you would offer or give to our country. Maybe for some people your gift is a little bit dramatic or emotional, but for me it is phenomenal and a gift for a cause not a gift with a cost. Giving a gift that could save lives of many or of our country is a heroic act. Life is the most important and precious gift given by our Dear Father God in heaven to mankind, and helping or offering something to lengthen and by saving that gift is really amazing. I am proud of your choice because it is one of the best proof that giving doesn't always mean Material Things to impress the person or the community.

    go go go for the gift of life through rescue facilities and disaster risks equipments for Philippines. I proudly support you on that advocacy.

    your blog is what i call " A gift coming from the Heart". Good luck , God bless and go for the win.

  2. as for me i God fearing ruler is my wish!