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Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Daily Diary: Best Advice I had received

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Its hours before my 24 birthday and I am not yet sleepy. My cat is trying to catch my attention while I’m typing this post. I am moving to the next chapter of my life. As the cliché goes, goodbye 23, hello 24, and honestly I feel excited. Another chapter has passed and a new chapter to face. I remember when I was young, I spend lots of hours just day dreaming what will happen in my life-most especially when I will age 24. I don’t know what is in age 24 that I’ve been thinking about it ever since I was young. And tomorrow, I will finally live each day with it. 

But before I will be turning 24, I want to write this blog post to remember what are the best advices I have received from different people that I put to my heart to abide me. You can use this too, but this time, I am the one advising you.

Have a Little Money of Your Own

This is an advice I read from a known financial adviser and literally, I was caught off guard at first. It was as if a bull’s eye. A lot of young women nowadays live every payday and I’m not excuse to it. Money is something I hate to talk about especially on the part of, savings. Do you have your own savings? If your answer is a big no, then start now. That’s my advice.

You’re Future is still Unwritten

A speaker on our graduation in high school shared her life story, she is no near on being a rich woman. Her family is an average Filipino. But because of her determination to succeed, she pushes herself, exceed her limitations. Poverty does not hinder her. I put that to practice. I put that to my heart that one day, even we are poor, I can still make my like better. There is no such thing as predestined life. It depends on your determination. You cannot say because you are poor you’ll die poor. God himself says in Jeremiah 29:11 that His plan is to make us prosper. This is my advice, make your life better, your future depends on yourself.

Live out and Live Well

You only one life to live, why waste it? Do the things that make you happy, do not conform, listen to what they say but do not follow all they say. You have a choice practice that. This is a free country. Live a life you want to live, it is the only you will be happy.

Never Give Up

This is a cliché, but this cliché works. Every day, we have setbacks. And every day, this should be our reminder to us. Never Give up, ever.


Walk with God

This is the best advice I will never forget. God gives up His Son Jesus Christ for us to be saved. And we ought to live our life in accordance with His will. This may not be easy, but at least, fulfilling.

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  1. happy birthday!may you fufill all of your goals in life!

  2. Happy birthday sis Claire ;) pwera bola akala ko 19 ka palang sa unang tingin ko sa pic :D may many more birthdays and blessings plus blogoversaries to come <3