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Sunday, October 12, 2014 Online Shop Review

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Just like other girls, I am also totally hooked with shopping online. I have posted my experience shopping at Zalora. It was a very pleasant one. So my expectation for other online shops is high. I come across when I saw their posting in Facebook last September exactly 100 days before Christmas that they will have a 50% off in all their items! I feel ecstatic! I directly visited their website. 

It’s cute. Super red, I saw JC De Vera and that time I knew he was the endorser of it. All I know about tomato is their SWAP watch. And as I visited their website, I was introduced to their variety of products. I personally love their watches and bags. At first, I was asking myself if the picture and the actual would be the same but yeah, I can assure you, they are. 

The 50% off just lasted for 120 hours or two hours. I manage of pull of all my favourites in my cart. I was dizzy, if only I can have them all. But no, time and money constraint will not allow me. I proceed for checkout. I applied the code for 50% off. I only paid more than 3k for the transaction. It was smooth until I read that the areas covered by Cash on Delivery are outdated. Our province was listed in there but they said it is not. I was used with Zalora paying on my trasaction through Cash on Delivery. I paid through RCBC. I took a photo of my deposit slip and send it in their Viber and through their Payment Form.

I waited for more than three days before they confirm my payment. I was disappointed as well when they inform me that some of the products I choose were out of stock already. But I commend their Customer Service Representative for pacifying me. They give me different choices. I was able to choose. They process my orders for two days. And after more than a week, I finally have my orders delivered to me.

Honestly, I feel that they process orders really slow maybe because I ordered on the sale period. They compensate me with their product. They have very nice products. It is chic. I have their watches, wallets, bags and shoes. They did not disappoint me at all. Very worthy of every penny I spend.
I had my second purchase last week, it is faster than my last purchase but the product quality is still the same. Just want to say if you want to shop at Tomato, you have to pay early. Your orders will be process once your payment is acknowledged.  All in all, you’ll love Tomato. They may process slow but patience is a virtue right. 

By the way, they are celebrating 10 years in Business.

Happy 10th year Anniversary Tomato!

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  1. super love your red shoes,it's so fab! i have experienced shopping at zalora and im satisfied too!

  2. looove the red shoes ang arte at intricate ng style <3 even the watch is so elegant!!!