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Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Vegan Experience

My Vegan Experience

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How was your day? Hope it’s wonderful! The news broke today that I might be back in Manila for some work stuff I have to attend. I was like, “really?” I don’t know what to say, I’ll experience again riding an airplane but this time, I’ll be alone. I’ll be alone going to Manila to a big city! Hush, I want to calm the excitement going through my system. I never blogged about my experience in Manila, I hope I would do it in my second time. But before I’ll focus my mind on the Manila stuff, I want to share my vegan experience when I was there.

I was never a vegan in my 23 years of living until I was in Manila. It is a seven day challenge of eating healthy food. No pork, no chicken, no fish. It is all vegetables and fruits. When I knew about the vegan thing, I questioned myself if I can handle it. It never occurs to me not eating those mentioned above in a week. I can skip vegetables but not fish. I take it as a welcome challenge; after all it is for good health.

The first day of my vegan experience, I did not take it positively; my taste buds are looking for different taste. I remembered it was a vegetable curry (I’m not a fan of curry) and I forgot the other one. I only eat one fourth of my food and made sure to drink the mango shake served. I feel sorry for the food, but I really can’t take it, my body is still adjusting. The second time I ate, I was able to eat the three fourth of the served food because they served it really in full plate! My taste bud finally adjusted and was able to eat a handful. I remember eating the famous dynamite, the “sili” cut in between put some cheese then fried. It was indeed dynamite; it kind of cracks my mouth!

My vegan experience includes trying out vegan hotdog, fried kangkong and squash (a must try), boiled carrot, chayote, and pipino, vegetable burger (a must try) and different fruit juice. Your stomach will get use it, if you practice it like what I did for a week, you’ll notice your bowel movement is different. You’ll be able to feel the cleansing from within, there is a glow. Your stomach will not feel full even you eat a lot. No guilty eating, I must say. And the most positive effect? You’ll notice weight lose naturally because fruits and vegetables can be easily digested by our body. You’ll get healthier.

It is good actually to practice but it takes a lot of discipline. I read from a magazine that this is the secret of a lot of stars to stay fit and sexy. Why not try? It does not hurt, right? If not able to push through, try some cheat but go back eventually.

These are the photos I was able to access in my tablet to show beautiful plating and different vegan food.

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