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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Very Own BDJ Planner

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I had wanted to own a planner ever since high school. I still remember the times when I made a planner just to make sure I do not procrastinate! Yeah, I tend to procrastinate all the time. I always have this excuse of saying “I forgot!” Not acceptable at all, I know. It is the reason why I want to own one.
There are so many planners in the market with different perks and all. I’ve been thinking hard what to buy because I want it to be deserving of what I will pay. I am a practical person; I want value for my own money. My basis for buying a planner is its usefulness and its ability to inspire me to reach my goal and aspire to do more.

This is the reason why I choose Belle De Jour Power Planner. I’ve been eyeing this planner since last year but due to fund availability, I was not able to buy it. BDJ planner has so many features that made me more eager to buy it!

I love these features:
1.        2015 Goals
2.        My Happiness List,
3.       Dream Board
4.       2015 BDJ Checklist ( I will certainly follow it)
5.        Events Tracker

I also love these articles:
1.       Six Ways to Look Younger ASAP
2.        Five Ways to Love Yourself More
3.       Three Workouts you can Do at Home
4.       Why You Should Travel Alone,
5.       Tricks to Becoming money Smart
6.       Your Get-Happy Guide.

There is much more for this planner and I can’t get enough of it! Plus, not to mention is there Perks of Bella coupons.  Almost 40,000 worth of coupons from different store, how can I ask for more? This is more than what I have paid.

The planner itself is super chic and was obviously crafted with girly touch. The choice of colour and lettering make it pleasing to the eye. The representation of the Bella fits well to a on the go women of today. I did appreciate the black and pink cover, I love the combination. I don’t have anything to dislike. I feel satisfied as a customer.

You can buy BDJ Planner in their website and National Bookstore outlets nationwide. I’ve got mine in NBS Centrio. It is priced at 598.00 pesos.

Here are the photos I took with my own planner.


Sample Coupons

Another Coupons

The First Page

2015 BDJ Checklist

Sample Articles


Cash Flow Tracker

The Back Cover

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