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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Answers to Getting to Know You and Me

Yay! It’s March already and I’m sending good vibes to everyone! Summer is here! And I’m looking forward for my next big adventure! It’s happening next month! But before talking about those days, I want to first answer the Getting to Know You and Me Post of Ms. Camie Juan. I love the questions she pops and I oblige myself to answer!

Here it is!

Questions: (From:
1.     What’s a dish, that if you left your home country for a foreign country for 6 months, you’d instantly miss?
2.      You’re given Php 60,000 by a really cool stranger to go to the airport and pick from any destination in the world to travel to that very moment where would you go?
3.      What’s the most attractive trait (physical or non-physical) the opposite sex can have?
4.      What’s your biggest turn off? (Doesn’t necessarily have to be about the opposite sex but in general)
5.      You’re feeling down and blue, what’s your go-to comfort food?

1.       My ever favourite Halo-halo and sin food boneless lechon. I can’t get enough of it and I keep on coming back.
2.       I would go to Scotland and visit someone special.
3.       It should be his/her smile. Nothing goes wrong with people who always smile.
4.       My biggest turn off would be if a person is super bossy.
5.       My go to foods are japanese siomai partnered with double dutch ice cream. I forget all my heartaches and deadlines. I will also add Potato Corner’s Cheddar Cheese Fries. So sinful, yet so goooooooooooooood!

That’s it pancit! My answers to get to know you and me post! Try answering it too!


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