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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Beauty Junkee's 6th Anniversary MEGA Thanksgiving Giveaway

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It's been a while since I blog and I can't remember why I did. As far as I remember, I got all busy for end of fiscal year quota busting. I got tired of updating my blog and doing other stuff. I got fed up to the point of sleeping after work. That was my life for the past months. Thankfully, due to change of administration and all. I am able to balance work and having fun. I need a life as well! I am not a walking working.

So much for all my ado, All I want to say, my favorite blogger is going to have a Mega Thanksgiving giveaway and I want to invite you all to join. Saying Mega Giveaway is not exaggerated at all because it is really true. Ms. Martha Sta. Barbara of The Beauty Junkee is once again hosting a huge giveaway for all her wonderful and avid followers. And for the first time she will also have an International winner! How was that?

Go check out her blog for more details.

Click this link:

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