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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hotel Watch: Bella Vista Hotel

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How’s your week so far? Mine has been a whirl wind. So many reports to pass and deadline to meet, honestly, I am preparing for God’s strength to abide me. Finally, I have broken my blogging woes. Thanks to my renewed strength, I’m back to blogging again. Today I want to share my hotel experience with Bella Vista Hotel.

Last long weekend, I was able to book a round trip ticket with Cebu Pacific. And my destination is Cebu! It is my first time to visit Cebu and I am super excited. I have read different blog post about Cebu and I already look forward. My flight was on the afternoon so I decided to book a hotel near the airport. I want to rest first before exploring the big city. Nothing beats a well rested traveller, right? I have no idea what hotel to book so I decided to check (I will make a review with this website too!). They have a lot of deals that time and I was picking what’s best for me. I was turned between two hotels but I choose Bella Vista Hotel. It is because of the free breakfast by the way. I believe it is pricey for a budget traveller like me nevertheless I still push it.

I arrived at the Hotel late in the afternoon and I was greeted with their friendly staff. I like the courtesy they showed to me. They attended right away upon arriving at the doorstep. I was able to check my bookings fast and did not wait. I was just not prepared for the 1000 pesos deposit they asked from me.  Maybe because it was my first time to check-in in a hotel I didn’t know there is that kind of policy.

I love the ambiance of the hotel. I love there receiving area especially the huge chandelier at the top. Most especially, I love my room. It is very spacious, with complete amenities. It is clean and really stylish. The bed is heavenly. I just want to keep on sleeping! Ha-ha-ha. Seriously, if you want to relax? This hotel is for you. By the way I just want to take note of their good service as well. That time, there was a power interruption happened and they were prompt to use the generator. I was still able to use the aircon and watch TV. That for me is a good service.

By the way, this is my room. Take a tour.

Part of my hotel accommodation is a buffet breakfast. I went to the restaurant at 8 am and found out there are a lot of people eating as well. And did not wonder why, they have a lot of food to choose from. They have four main dishes, different kinds of morning drink from coffee to juice. If you’re not into rice you can pick bread or pancakes, and if you’re in diet you can have fruits or salad. They have desserts as well. I really love their food.  It is not only mouth watering when you look at, it is tasty as well when you start to take a bite. I enjoy my experience. There restaurant is adjacent to the receiving area.

Take a look.

Sadly, I was not able to visit there pool and recreation area. I saw it in the website. But even without visiting it, my stay is totally worth it. I loved my stay. I recommend this hotel. It is value for your money. For those people planning to visit Cebu, Bella Vista Hotel is a good place to stay. It is conveniently located at Pusok, National High Way, Lapu-lapu City. Enjoy your stay!     

Have you stayed at Bella Vista Hotel? Share your experience here.

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