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Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Take: What you should know in Applying for a Philippine Passport

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I recently applied for a Philippine Passport. I was really thinking that the process would be long and tricky but I find myself being wrong. It is fast if you backed yourself up with all the needed requirements. What I will be writing today is based on my own experience upon applying, you can certainly add more. Feel free to comment.

Be Early.

If you believe in the saying “early bird catches the worm” it is certainly applicable for this circumstance. Every day, a lot of Filipinos are applying for a passport. If you do not want too many delays and long hours of waiting. Be early, I was at the Department of Foreign Affairs office at 7:30 am and a lot of people already has been falling in line. I was six in the line.

Download and fill up the Application Form.

There is an application form when you apply for a passport. It is given in the DFA office but it is readily available on their website. Check out, You can see a downloadable version the form. As for me, I made sure I already downloaded and filled up the form before I went to the office. It gives me a lot of convenience especially when the guard checked that I have filled it up and made me ahead of the line because some of the applicants are not yet ready with their form.

Do not wear shorts.

I did not know that about the dress code for passport processing, but I opt for a formal look. I wore a shirt with collar and pants. Thankfully, my choice of fashion is right. In applying for a passport, do not wear shorts. One of the applicants I had close encountered with was sent back because of wearing knee shorts. It is one important rule that must be followed.
Research the Requirements and Photocopy.

Researching is something I really like to do and it paid off. I had my research first before I went to DFA office and thankfully I did. A lot of applicants on the line are not yet ready with their requirements thus it gives them longer on the office. The guard gives the requirements and require to photo copy it. Because I already photo copy my requirements, it made me to be the second in the line! So convenient to start my application, I got hyper.

Prepare your Original Documents.

After being encoded and given priority number, the government officer will call the numbers one by one and check if the photo copied documents are true and not tampered. So be sure to have your original docs ready. This is to give ease to the officer checking. If you do not bring your ID’s and other requirements, there is a possibility that the officer will decline your application.  

 Give Exact Amount

When the officer approves your application, you can now pay for it. You need 900 pesos for passport application fee. The cashier will always ask for the exact amount. They will ask you to wait if you do not have exact amount. If you do not want that to happen to you, always have the amount ready,

Give your Best Smile and Correct Signature

If your done paying for the passport fee, you will be directed to the encoder that will encode your details on the database. The encoder will ask you to check your details if they are encoded correctly so pay attention. If you already approve it, the encoder will ask for your signature attesting that you approve the encoding. He/she will require you to have your photo taken for your passport. It is good to smile but do not show your teeth .The officer will also ask to have your signature in the digitalize board.

And it is done; you can now wait for your passport until the given period of time that you can claim it. Hope this blog post will help you when you apply for a passport!

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