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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Movie Review: Team Hanna

I have a drought in watching movies for quite some time. I am able to watch movies but only beginning, climax and ending. Forward and play are always my friends. I don’t like watching the protagonist endure the pain and hardships. I want to see them successful right away. It is the reason I don’t watch soap operas because they are too long and the waiting period bores me. But suddenly, due to some stress I incurred. I was able to motivate myself to watch a movie. Team Hanna came to picture.

(Warning: Spoilers are everywhere)

Title: Team Hanna or Secret Millionaire
Country: Thailand
Genre: Drama,
Based on a True Story

The story revolves about a guy named Top who refuses to give up and never want to go to college even how his parents pushes him. He continually looks for possible business ventures that he would be successful. He has many hit and mis. The turning point in his life is when his family flies to China because of their overwhelming debts that amounted to 40 million Baht. He was left with his Uncle in Thailand. Top ventured in frying sea weeds and was able to pull it off. He applied to 7 eleven so that his product will be sold on its chain of stores but was declined. He was able to change the packaging and size of his product to suit the marketability requirement of the company. Soon enough, his effort was paid off.

My Take:

            The drama is very inspiring. It encourages people to follow their dreams and move out of their shell. It conveys the message of never give up and do not lose hope attitude. At the end of the tunnel their will always light. Just keep the fire burning. It shows that when a person persevere, there will always good outcome. I fell in love with the drama and Top’s character.


            It is a much watch movie especially if you want to be inspired and if you are thinking of venturing into business. You will have insights of how hard you need to go through before you become successful.

            Success depends on the power of your mind. It is an attitude.

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