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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Take: The Resurging Lady Tamaraws

I am one of the expectators of  UAAP Season 75 Volleyball. I also have a team I am cheering each year which is the FEU Lady Tamaraws. I’ve loved this team for quite sometime now. I have monitored their games each now and then jump at their winnings and grieve when they loses. It is part of my system. When they win, I am so happy working but when they loss, don’t tease me I become a Lion so fast (hehehe), that’s how affected I am.

When UAAP Season 75, I have high hopes for the Lady Tamaraws, I routing for them to be in the Final 4 just like last year. But when the season started and they started with a lost, I was saying it will be fine they will be in the winning record soon. It happened when they defeated University of the Philippines but the next chapters were written differently. It was as if a downward spiral- the Lady Tamaraws is losing their games. The joy of playing and the communication in the court seems lost. Their identity is vague, the team who is very good in floor defense is no where to be found. I got a question that I can’t even answer, “what happened to my team?” Yes, I almost lost my hope for them to be in the final four but continue to support them by watching their games. Then a shocking story came out. The Head Coach of the tams is being replaced. I visited different forums to know more about the new coach which named Coach Kid. Coach Kid is the one who crowned FEU with most numbers of Championships- an impressive resume. It was office day when FEU versus UE was played and read they were back in the winning track after three consecutive loses. A good sign, I was able to watch FEU versus UST. At first, I have my doubts whether they will win it especially in the first set when they committed a lot of errors. Not a good sign, but when the second set underway, and UST was leading and Coach Kid calls a timeout to stop the bleeding, I was impressed because he knows how to motivate them to rise up and pacify themselves. The match continues and the Lady Tams continues to win the match. The Upset as many writers call them. But what I see in the match is the renewed vigor and the superb floor defense that wasn’t present when they lost. Indeed, they are now a new team. The new coach has breathed them life and a positive outlook. Fast forward with Ateneo versus FEU game, everyone is unsure who will win the match. The FEU is on for a winning streak and Ateneo on the other hand is nursing a losing streak. But the match proceeded with FEU winning it in three sets (yes you read it write). It was a first for Ateneo who never lost in three sets. I was watching live streaming in the office and my officemates are laughing at me because I am jumping out of happiness and shock. It was so surreal.

With FEU’s winning streak and renewed confidence I must say that they are a contender for final four. The standings may still be vague at this moment but clouds will unveil it soon. I’m still curious who will end up in the elusive title but my fingers are crossing. Go Lady Tamaraws!

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