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Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Take: Ateneo Lady Eagles’ Losing Streak

All has been said and done. Ateneo Lady Eagles tallied themselves a three games losing streak. A two five setter and a demoralizing three sets game, many would probably say “what happened to the Lady Eagles?” They started very strong in the tournament with a 6-0 record then the consecutive losses. They are still the same team who won six games, but what got lost in their games that result a downward spiral not only in their games but also in their morale?

The Fille Cainglet Effect
          Fille Canglet is a vital weapon of the Lady Eagles offense. She averages if I’m not mistaken 10 points per game and plus her leadership in the floor. I always see the team go to Cainglet when crunch time and she delivers. Losing her in the offense has an impact to the team. Since Cainglet got injured in the La Salle game, the woes of Ateneo started. I’m not saying she is the sole reason of what is happening to Ateneo but losing a potent weapon is a big deal.
Gretchen Ho and Dzi Gervacio is not Stepping Up

          I have watched the games between Ateneo and Adamson and Ateneo versus FEU. What I noticed is that Gretchen Ho and Dzi Gervacio is not firing up. They don’t spike more often than what I am used in seeing. I’m not sure if Jem Ferrer is not distributing the ball well or they just don’t spike that much.

Only Alyssa Valdez stepping up
          I bet when you are also a fan of Ateneo Lady Eagles, you would notice this also. It is as if all the kills are given to Valdez. Yes, she is really very good there is no doubt about it. But the girl would get tired as well. When she is frontline, she dominates and even in the back row she still spikes. I really think that she deserves an MVP award for all the works she has done for Ateneo. Alyssa deserves the award.

          The other reason that maybe causes them to lose is they don’t receive well and seems to be lost.

          I am also a fan of Ateneo Lady Eagles especially Alyssa Valdez. I am saddened about what is happening to the team. Even though they are still top of the standings with 6-3. They still need to compose themselves, the elimination games are not over yet. And their advantage against other teams is very slim. The race to final 4 is getting tighter. Their game against NU is a deciding match. I’m crossing my fingers that they would end their losing streak and start to gain momentum. They are a resilient team they can make it through. They have the best pieces to utilize and they are a contender.

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