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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Love in Cyberspace

I have come across this article in female network entitled Reel Love: 20 Heartfelt Lessons from Romantic Movies. I got so fed up with the title that I read it over and over again. I am a big movie fanatic specially the love story. One particular lesson that catches my attention is “Yes you can find Love in Cyberspace.  It is catchy and timely especially in the era we are into. Chat rooms and dating sites are all present in the World Wide Web. Just search different sites in the search engine and register. Voila, you are now connected to the billions of people that is possibly your soul mate or in simple words the one.

The one, that one person you are searching all your life. The one that can make your heart skips a bit. And make your heart sing even without a tune. Sounds so romantic, but you keep on searching for that person and never find it. You loss hope if he/she will come in your life. Then, you come across this dating site. Registered and started telling about you. Then you found yourself in the middle of the chaos. Many are interested about you. But of all the people telling you they are interested in you. You found this one interesting person. You contacted him and start chatting. After many days, weeks and months past, he told you he is in love with you. How do you react? Is it possible that even you are miles apart, only the dating site has connected your lives and you fell for each other?

I am really curious! I saw many Filipinos marrying a man from different countries and have successful and failed relationships. I really wonder if it is possible to find love in cyberspace. How many percent is its success rate? Have you ever tried as well communicating with a person that you only know through the internet? I never experienced falling in love yet. Maybe, this reason why I want to write about this. Love is a splendid thing that strikes no matter how far the distance would be.

I have so many questions in my mind and I do not know how to answer them. Love really strike when we least expect it. Whether you got love at first sight or know the person for a long time. You do not know when the cupid strikes at you. Maybe, this is the case when it comes to love in cyberspace, you just can’t say I won’t fall in love with him or her because he or she is far from you. You can’t have a firm stand because you can’t say no when love strikes at you.

Does love in cyberspace really exist?
Share your thoughts here!
Have you fallen for a man or woman you only knew through chat rooms?
Did your relationship last?

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