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Monday, February 18, 2013

Note to Self: Being Single is FINE

So it is Valentines Day again. Love is in the air. Lovers are everywhere screaming their love with each other with chocolates, cakes, flowers, balloons and most of all almost every establishment is cheering for this season with so many greetings. February is a time to celebrate couple hood. Oh, oh, this is also the time I feel that I am single and ready to mingle? This month makes me feel so lonely especially when I hear all the love songs in every station playing. Valentines blues again.

It is not that I feel so sad that I came to a point I want to write this article about valentines, it is just to remind myself being single is not at all sad. I want to be reminded that I should not look for that special someone just because many lovers are all around the corner and I feel alone. That would be a superficial reason to get a guy and made him fall in love with me.

Oh, oh, I’m on the third paragraph of this note to self post and I just want to encourage those single women like me to be not affected when Valentines blues enveloped you. It is natural. But, it would not be beneficial for you if you just jump into a relationship just because its valentines. Do not be fed up with valentines, valentines come and go. And the right man for you is just around the corner waiting for you or is searching for you.

Love yourself FIRST!


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