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Monday, February 4, 2013

My Take: The Never Give Up Spirit

Have you watched the La Salle Lady Spikers versus the FEU lady tamaraws? Did you enjoy it? Probably, if you are a Lady spikers fan, you will certainly say yes because your team won. For the side of the Lady Tamaraws, you probably felt bad for the loss of the team. But as a fan, and as an expectator of the match, win or loss for the Lady tamaraws they are still on the run for the top 4. A strong contender- a team on the rise. Why did I say it despite the loss? Let me give you my take.

Excellent Floor Defense

Did you see the digs? The pancake digs that was illustrated perfectly by the Ladies. Agno indeed is an excellent libero. The impossible ball that I thought was already dead but amazingly still playable because of their defense. That’s the best illustration of what floor defense is. And how a great defense can be turned into offense. In the later part of sets 2 and 3. The tams executed a great defense. Honestly, even though they fall short in the contest, they gave a scare to the Lady Spikers.

The Sharp Serves

The lady spikers are the number one best receiving team in the league and the FEU is the best serving team in the league. And they showed it. There serves are very strong that even Lady spikers had a hard time receiving it. There were times that they used their sharp serves to equal the score of lady spikers. The Tamaraws just need to have consistency in their serves and avoid serving errors because it will not help in their final four pursuits.

Varying Attacks and attackers

The Lady Tamaraws have strong attackers namely, Eulalio, Rojas, Basas, Palma and their leading scorer Vargas. Anchored by Sy’s sets. They will come a long way. Points to consider, Eulalio-Sy connection is very important in their offense. It should keep on going. Come up with combnation plays to fools the blockers of the opponent.

The Team Spirit

There number one weapon needed to book a final four berth is there never give up team spirit. They keep on going, help encourage each other and fight as a team. They have this very solid team work that the other teams find hard to emulate.

The verdict

I am still routing for FEU to be in the final 4. No offense meant for other teams. I still believe that they can pull off a win even how hard their opponents in the succeeding games. As they always say “tiwala lang”.

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