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Friday, February 8, 2013

Note to Self: What does it take to be Strong?

I always love listening to the song Miss Independent by Neyo. It is an anthem in my life and a reminder of what kind of woman I should be. Being strong is always my mantra in life. I always adore strong people; they make impossible things possible, fly higher than the usual, intact with all the problems they face even though inside they are melting and most of all they are the source of strength of the people around them. It is a very hard role to fill in and I want that.

Our family is facing a lot of struggles lately. Financially and physically it is exhausting. All my strength has been used up. The strong façade is slowly going down. My defenses are at stake now. I want to show to all the people that though I am affected by what is happening now. I can still smile and tell the world it will be fine. But it is not always the case anyway. In one way or the other a strong person would lost her strength and needs others to pacify them. The façade will be unveiled and truth shall set free. That is what I have learned for the past day of trying to be strong- at the end of the day; it would me, who is fooling me. I can’t handle all my struggles; I need someone to accompany me in the battle. My strength is still lacking.

On the long road that I traversed, I have realized something. The battle isn’t mine to win. It is for me to learn to trust God. Learn to believe that at the end of the tunnel there will always be light. And that I should not be the one who holds God’s hand. It should be him. I remember foot prints in the sun. It is really true.

Being strong, has many setbacks; many will not ask you how you are, are you fine and are you ok? They assume you don’t need them because you will be fine on your own knowing you are a strong individual. But the truth is, strong people need more encouragement to really show their emotions because they are just hiding their real feelings.

Are you a strong person?

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  1. Im trying to be strong for my kids,now im trying to move on from separation!