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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Let Me Tell You My Stories: The Last Capture




It has been more than two months since my mother died. Many asks if i already recovered from it. My answer is a plain smile. The truth is I can't voice out what I feel yet. Talking about it is too much for me to handle right now. My heart is in deep wretched.

I scanned my photo gallery in my phone. I was laughing when I saw my previews photos and then I noticed a particular photo. Suddenly, my tears fell. The familiar feeling enveloped me again. It was the last photo I captured with my mom. She is beaming with a familiar smile. It was days before Christmas. My happy day. The Last Christmas that I can call her "mama". I don't want to divulge anymore about my feelings. Because loneliness and pain will be very visible in my eyes.

I just want to show all of you the woman that gives birth and life to "Claire". My last photo and the best memory.

Have you lost someone special too?
Let your voice be heard too..
Share your pain here..


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