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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Note to Self: Count Your Blessings

Have you been in a situation that you feel everything is beyond your control? You feel that the Lord has a grudge on you because you feel you lost everything and he doesn't care. You keep on asking why it has to happen to you among all the people in the world. You pause for a while and think about the situation you are into but felt worst. I am telling you, I've been on that situation. Cried, asked, and blamed God. Who on earth will I blame? But, because of those so called situations, I was able to trust God and learned that above all, do not forget this, " Count Your Blessings".

I was 18 when my father died and just this January I lost my mother. I can't accept it, I'm only 22 with a budding career with so many plans for my mom, Yes, it ended so soon, The irony of life, when your world evolves only to that person and then suddenly death stole her from you. The most painful because you can't see her anymore. She will be completely lost physically. And the only thing you have is the memory you shared with them. Brutal, it is. Because of those turning point in my life. I've learned to count my blessings. I realize I was still blessed to be able to share my moments with them. I have them for a longer period than others. I was loved by them and made them smile while other people was not blessed to have parents. I saw how proud they are of me and how thankful they are because they have me in their life while many people search the world just to find the person that can be proud of them.

At a very young age, I was already sure of what I want to do. They lead me to the right direction and support me all the way. Though, I have lost them, I will always remember how they are very proud of me and wherever they are, I am sure they are smiling because their little "Kring2x" has achieved what they envision to become.

This situation may or may not happen to you. But life is too short to keep on asking and blaming why things happen opposite of what you expected. Count your blessings, they are everywhere. And the most important blessing is, inside of your heart. It never stops beating.

What is your most important blessings?
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