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Friday, June 28, 2013

At the End of the Tunnel, There is Always Light

Goodbye June and hello July once again. If you are not that lucky in June, then its about time to start anew. New trials, success and journey is about to take place. Another bittersweet ride, but before June leaves, lets take a deep breath and reminisce how was your June? Did you attend a friend's wedding? Did you receive a midyear bonus? Did you you receive a wonderful twist of faith that made you pray June would not end? Or did your June gives you a lot of headache and heartache that you want to hasten time so that it would pass by fast. Hmmm, what's the story of your June? Let me tell you mine!

The month of June gives me a lot of headache. It is the time to reap all the consequences of my wrong decisions. Yes, it made me bankrupt, indebted and troubled. It affected my my personal life and work. A lot of trials come my way, a co worker resigned and I was left with to handle everything. I become superwoman, but lets face it, we become tired and weary. It happened all to me and I was not able to adjust fast. I got sick and occupied. It is as if everything is not enticing to me. I want to stop anymore.

But just this day, suddenly I realize whats the real meaning of the famous cliche "At the end of the tunnel, there is always light." Struggles maybe as huge as a dump site, but God has another plan. The struggles I am facing is temporary. It is part of my journey. It is inevitable. Though I'm still at the middle of the tunnel, I can hope that maybe two hours or two days from now. I will reach the end of the tunnel and light will reach the end of the tunnel and light will strike me just like every month and year in the calendar, the change of month and year in the calendar. The change of month and year symbolizes hope and new beginnings, light will eventually come.

Have you feel tired and stress out.

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