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Monday, June 24, 2013

Lessons from Bad Teacher

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Who loves to watch movies here? There are movies that captures each movie goers discriminating test. They are those who made it in the box office short list. And for sure, this movie that I will be talking is the familiar to you. It is a box office success. It stars Cameroon Diaz, Lucy Punch and Justin Timberlake. It has a working title of "Bad Teacher". Ring a bell? Oh, I would bet you already watched it over and over again.

I watched the movie once. It is a totally fabulous movie. Cameroon Diaz, is fascinating and the way she portrays her character is flawless. But I will not talk about the whole movie here and its rating. More so, I want to share to you the lessons I've learned from this hilarious movie. I don't know if my mind is going to the right direction but yeah, this is all about  what I learned in Bad Teacher.

"Go after what you want"

This is the first idea that comes in my mind when I watched it. Cameroon's character proves to me that when we pursue our dream and move towards the dreams direction. It would happen. It may take a lot of perseverance but it is worth it along the way though in the movie, Cameroon's ways are not right. It still is worth to ponder.

"Be Contented with what You Have"

Contentment is way underrated word. It is so hard to achieve. But, in the movie, it teaches us to be contented of what God gives us. Cameroon's character shows us that even how much she wants to add some in her body. She remained compose. It is a very good lesson that many should ponder.

"Sometimes, Being Right will make you Sidelined"

This is the negative part of the movie, I learned that the right people will not be rewarded all the time. They, sometimes will be in danger because of telling the truth.Just like Lucy Punch character in the movie, she got all the blame and the consequences of telling the truth.

There goes the lessons learned from Bad Teacher. For those readers that want to watch the Bad Teacher, sorry for the spoilers. Nonetheless, this is the movie that will make you sit in front of the laptop or television until the end. That's how good the movie is. So if your planning to watch this movie, go for it! It deserves a front seat in the theater. You'll never get bored.

What can you say about my lessons learned?
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