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Friday, June 7, 2013

Do The Ahhh, Ending The Summer Season With Nivea Protect & Refreshing Cooling Mist!

Time has passed by so fast that, I didn't notice summer is ending. Good bye bikinis, figure and body baring fashion statements, tan, beach and of course, the sun. Huhuhu summer is definitely the best season to watch for. Sadly, rainy season is coming. But it doesn't mean, I'll let go summer that fast. The Last Hurray is here. And it's the best part of my summer story. Our trip to the home of Lansones Festival-give it up for Camiguin.

It was originally planned on May 2013 bu it was move on June. All bags are packed, food ready, but the most important ingredient in my summer vacation was yet to unfold. I have no summer protection. I am familiar with many sunblock protection but my skin is so sensitive, it reacts to it. One sunblock I've tried made me feel itchy. A big no no to me since I don't get to have a vacation all the time. Some also makes me feel warm. It does not suits me. I feel uncomfortable with it. Thanks to many beauty blogs, I found a relief to my weeks old problem-Nivea Protect and Cooling Mist. It is the perfect partner for my summer's last hurray. I found it so cool. The high dose of Sun Protection Formula keeps my skin protected all day long since I am visiting the white beaches of Camiguin, I badly need it because I am prone to sunburn. What's not to love about this product? To add more, I love the cooling effect it gives to my skin, It makes me feel refreshed amid the scorching heat of the sun. It makes me more excited to swim in the beach without worrying about my skin and UV's it absorbs! So excited for my Camiguin getaway.

My two days vacation is about to take place on June 15 to 16. I am looking forward to visiting this majestic Island where history and nature combine to make the island one of a kind tourist destination. I'm itching to see it's white beaches, take a plunge in their cold and hot springs, eat their delicious pastel, visit their floating cemetery and the old churches. Its to many to experience in Camiguin and I'm confident that with all my itineraries. I will be protected and refreshed with Nivea Protect & Refreshing Cooling Mist. This is how I will end my summer. I will share to you my photos and shots when I get to experience this all. Till my next summer post! Remember, summer is definitely in the corner still. It's an attitude. Be refresh and cool under the heat of the sun. Just don't forget to put on your weapon. The Nivea  Protect & Refreshing Cooling Mist


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