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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Note to Self: Be True to Yourself

Have you ever felt that you don't know yourself anymore: That you already forgot all the values, hopes and faith that you hold on for years. It is such a painful scenario that even how much you try to scream so that the inner person that you know is what you are but cannot escape and and cannot voice out. It is even how much you try to explain your side, it is not worth it because no one is their to listen to your inner cry?

It is very unacceptable but as a person grows, there are life events that will force us to shut down ourselves. It is as if we live in shadows of who we are. We pretend to smile so that no one may notice what's behind the mask that we look directly to the eyes so that they can't read what's in our mind. We become the villain of our own drama. Drowning in the idea of self-pretending. Dire and boring.

"Be true to yourself" is the greatest advice I was able to accept when I was in the stage of my life that I forgot myself. Because of those words, I learn to let go of what I've been holding for quite some time. Learn to shut up when explanation is badly needed. It is learning when to speak at the most tempting moment. It is accepting the scene but never settling to it. Be true to yourself even the people around you might not like what you have become. Just like what Steve Jobs said, " do not let your inner being drown and the outside overcome it. Because it would be the time your start living someone else life.

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  1. wish i could be true to myself,to feel happy and contented!