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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Behold: Amanda Seyfried

I watched Letters to Juliet for two times. I got so fed up with the movie that I did not erase it in my Laptop. After I watched Letters to Juliet there are three things that struck me. First is the scenery. I love Verona. I first read about Verona in Travel magazine and the stuff about Juliet. I was fascinated about it. Then I saw the movie, oh boy, its really romantic and breathtaking. I also watch to follow the myth and find my true love! The second is the story. Two people living in two far different places will find there way in each other in the most unexpected situation. How was that? I am a believer of Long Distance Relationship but not destiny. But in this movie, it made me think twice. I almost made up story in my mind for my own. It got me carried away with the movie. Then Juliet, there are so many Juliets in the world waiting for their Romeo to come along (I'm one of those). Third is Amanda Seyfried. I so like her fashion sense in the movie. I love how she carried her outfit with grace. She is just so adorable to look at.

This made me think of making a fashion post about her outfits. Just to share to you how fashionably chic she is for me. These photos that you'll see are not mine but from different sites. Credits to the Owner of the Photos  .


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Behold: Amanda Seyfried

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  1. I love Amanda Seyfried's eyes <3 and her long gown is so stunning on her